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13 Silly Little Things EVERY Boyfriend-Girlfriend Should Do!

13 Silly Little Things EVERY Boyfriend-Girlfriend Should Do!
Relationships are hard work but more often than not, all you need to stay happy with someone is look at their pretty little face and pass them your goofiest smile. Here are 13 silly little things every couple should do to keep their love light and breezy!

1. Make impromptu plans

Decide on meeting up once or twice a week when neither of you will have any preconceived notions of how the evening is going to be like. You could walk for a mile and then decide to sit beside the road and have tea or you could end up spending the whole day in the lobby of some fancy restaurant. Make plans without really making plans!
1 things every couple should do

2. Wear each other’s clothes

We women, love snuggling in our boyfriend’s sweatshirts and long, oversized T-shirts but admit it, sometime or the other your man has also wondered what wearing your wired bra would feel like. Just wear each other’s clothes and goof around.

3. Communicate in just noises

You know you’re in love when your partner can understand what you want just by the way you grunt. Create your own magical language of grunts and mumbles. How cute! 3 things every couple should do

4. Wake each other up with kisses

This is probably one of the best ways to wake up, right?

5. Create and play silly games with each other

Let your imagination flow! Keep creating games and have your own rules for them. It could be a situational game, a bedroom game or even a drinking one. 5 things every couple should do

6. Text each other while in the same room

Because you don’t really need to say the words to communicate… you have phones!

7. Send each other cute, sarcastic GIFs and memes...

...just because! If nothing gets your partner as happy as your sense of meme humour then you know for a fact, that you’ve found someone special!
7 things every couple should do

8. Make blanket forts and cuddle

Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Laugh along as the two of you struggle to make a blanket fort (it’s no easy task, for sure) and then cuddle up for the rest of the night.

9. Have a food race!

Food is life and you both realise and appreciate that. Get hogging with your honey and see who wins the race. Whoever wins gets whatever he/ she asks for along with exclusive bragging rights, of course! Start with the panipuri eating competition, maybe? 9 things every couple should do

10. Stay up the night... Just talking

Do you remember falling asleep, just talking on the phone with your S.O.? No? Go ahead and feel like a teenager again on the nights that the two of you can’t be together. Keep chatting until one of you falls asleep. Of course, that would mean getting some moolah in your phone accounts but it will definitely be worth it!

11. Give each other a tight hug after a long day!

There are some days when you just can’t wait to see your partner’s face. It turns into the only thing that drives you through a rough day at work or otherwise. Run to them and pick them up or just hop on to show them exactly how much you missed them! 11 things every couple should do

12. Tickle torture each other

Tickle torture is the worst… And THE BEST! Enough said.

13. Pick up little things while shopping that they’d love

Your partner is always on your mind, no matter where you go. Not in an obsessive, ‘I-wonder-what-he-is-doing’ kind of way but in a way that reminds you of them when you look at things. So shop some of their fav things and wait to see the look of happiness on their face! 13 things every couple should do GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr