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10 Signs Your Hubby Is Going To Be An *Amazing* Dad!

10 Signs Your Hubby Is Going To Be An *Amazing* Dad!
He may have been an awesome boyfriend or fiancé in the past, and is a fantastic husband right now, but will he make a good father? Ladies, let us inform you that men often show signs if they are father material or not. Here are the signs you should be looking out for to know if your husband will be an amazing dad.

1. He loves kids

Be it the neighbour’s children, his little siblings, cousins or his friend’s kids – children making noise or being too mischievous doesn’t annoy him (too much). It’s a good sign, ladies.

2. He’s thoughtful

He understands that you may have had a rough day at work or it is that running nose that’s been annoying you. Not only does he understand that, but he also does things to make the rest of your day better – like making you some nice, hot coffee and just pampering you. Thiese traits are the kind that all good fathers have. 2 husband will be an amazing dad

3. He’s affectionate

And doesn’t mind showing it. With you in general or with a pet – this is a sign that your baby will be taken care of pretty well by his daddy dearest.

4. He can handle stress

Looking after babies can be quite taxing at times. Once they come into your world, it very often turns upside down. So, if he is good at handling stress, lady, you’ve got the right guy to father your children. 4 husband will be an amazing dad

5. He shares

Anything from food to space – because once the little one comes, there is no room for ‘but these are my fries’ or ‘I can only get sleep on this side of the bed’. Sorry, but the baby comes first, ALWAYS!

6. He is emotional

Does he share his feelings with you often? Because if he does, he is a softy inside and that’s a good sign - he should make a good father, ladies. 6 husband will be an amazing dad

7. He shares the load

Parenthood is a lot of hard work for both, the mother and the father. If he is the kind to share all the household chores and work load, then he sure will be a loving and caring father. Go on and make some cute babies with him, ladies!

8. He sacrifices

He doesn’t mind not going out for a night with his boys for a match or drinks, just to be with you because you’re a tad bit under the weather. That’s how daddyhood is going to be as well – spending more unselfish time with the kids. 8 husband will be an amazing dad

9. He loves you a lot

If he does, he will love the beautiful creation you two made! So whatcha waitin’ for?

10. He plays board games

We mean board games like Scrabble and Monopoly. Then he wouldn’t mind sitting down and teaching his kid a thing or two. Great father-child bonding session, isn’t it? 10 husband will be an amazing dad GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr