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15 Signs You’re Totally Falling In *Love* With Your Guy Bestie!

15 Signs You’re Totally Falling In *Love* With Your Guy Bestie!
You may not have realized it just yet, but it looks like you’ve secretly started developing mushy feelings for your guy bestie. If he’s your go-to man for every little thing in your life, it’s probably love. Here are 15 signs you’ve kinda fallen in love with your guy best friend. (Girl, just date the guy already!)

1. After a date, he’s the first person you call up to spill all the deets.

You should have been texting your new crush, but you’re actually on the phone chatting with your guy bestie and telling him about your date...for a minute. And then you talk about everything else!

2. Instead of sending your girl bestie selfie options, he gets to see them first.

It’s only obvious that his opinion matters more than hers. *Wink*

3. When you can’t make a choice between two pretty dresses, he helps you pick the perfect one up!

He not only knows which dress would flatter your personality, but he also knows which one would fetch you the most compliments. (Psst - this guy’s the real deal!) 3 fallen in love with your guy best friend

4. You may forget to wish your parents a good morning, but your beloved guy bestie gets a good-morning text daily.

Oh, dear... You can’t help but admit that he’s the last person you think of before going to bed and the first when you wake up, can you?

5. You guys can giggle about the silliest of things and talk about anything under the sun.

Long drives and deep conversations - those are the best!

6. The maximum you two can go without talking to each other is a couple of hours.

As the song Stereo Hearts goes, “'Cause holding grudges over love is ancient artifacts.” 6 fallen in love with your guy best friend

7. He’s your drinking partner, wingman, netflix-sans-the-chill kinda buddy.

Those chilled out kind of relationships are always the best ones!

8, You would even breakup with your future beau if he told you to stop talking to your guy bestie.

The friendship force is strong with this one!

9. It gets sort of awkward when you see him with another girl or he talks about his new crush.

Only because you secretly want the girl to love and care for him as much as you do. 9 fallen in love with your guy best friend

10. You don’t mind sharing the last scoop of nutella, the last bite of the samosa and the last slice of pizza, because food is bae...

And bae is him! After all, sharing is caring.

11. If you ever have a fight with someone, he’s the first person you call and pour your heart out to.

At the end of the day, all you want is someone to pick you over everyone else. And you know for a fact that this *one* guy will always be on your side.

12. No matter what time of the night he calls, you will always pick up the phone.

Because that’s what love does. Come what may, you will always be there for him during the good and the bad times. 12 fallen in love with your guy best friend

13. You’ve spoken more about him to your girlfriends than you’ve spoken about any other guy.

Plus, they’ve seen how much happier (and more comfortable) you are with him than you are with anyone else!

14. At some point of time, you guys have even joked about dating each other.

And later secretly pondered if it could work out or not... (Our advice, GO FOR IT!)

15. Whether you’re tipsy or just in blah state of mind, you trust that only he can take care of you.

That’s because when he’s around, you feel content, safe and most importantly, happy. 15 fallen in love with your guy best friend GIFs: GiphyTumblr