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13 Signs You And Your Guy Are No Less Than A Married Couple!

13 Signs You And Your Guy Are No Less Than A Married Couple!
Have you both reached that stage in your relationship where it feels like you're married to each other? Well, if your answer is yes, then you're in the right place! When a couple has been together for a long period of time, they become extremely comfortable with each other and romance has a new meaning which can only be understood by the two of them. Here are a few signs that you and your guy are like a married couple without being formally married!

1. You both prefer staying home sometimes

When all of your friends make a plan to go out, you both secretly prefer to stay at home, watch a movie and have a debate over ordering Pizza or Chinese for dinner. 1 like a married couple

2. You know each other’s medical history

You know their body just as well as they do. You both know each other’s haemoglobin level, blood group and even the dosage of every medication they take. You also constantly remind each other to have them on time!

3. Silence is not at all awkward

You both can sit in the same room, doing your own thing and not feel the need to talk to each other - all without feeling even a little bit awkward. 3 like a married couple

4. You both have developed a secret language

Since you both know each other so well, even a simple eye gesture has a hidden meaning. For the world, you both haven't said a word but for the two of you, you've been having discussions all through dinner!

5. You can shop for each other

Because you exactly know what kind of T-shirt he wears and he knows which is your favourite shade of pink!
5 like a married couple

6. Your families have become one

His family is yours and your family is his. That's just the way it is now!

7. Your weird habits have been acknowledged and accepted

You both have become so used to each other's weird habits that they seem so regular now... And gone are the times when you felt conscious in front of each other because of them! 7 like a married couple

8. You know each other’s calendars by heart

And when you think that they might forget an important date, you mark it on your calendar too - just in case!

9. You both can meet and chill in sweatpants

Because that’s the level of comfort you both share! 9 like a married couple

10. You care about each other’s finances

Even if you both are not sharing a bank account, you don’t mind giving blunt and honest advice regarding each other's financial matters.

11. Your best memories have the other in them

You both have been through so many amazing things in life together that they are a part of the best memories you have. 11 like a married couple

12. You know what he wants from life. And vice-versa!

A big house, two kids, a golden retriever… You both have discussed every little detail!  

13. And no matter how much you both fight…

Even the thought of existing without each other is just painful! 13 like a married couple GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr