10 Sweet Signs He’s Smitten As A Kitten In Love With You, Girl!

10 Sweet Signs He’s Smitten As A Kitten In Love With You, Girl!
Actions speak louder than words, especially when it comes to love. When a boy is in love with you, he doesn’t need to shout from rooftops (good for you if he does). But here are 10 sweet signs he loves you and is completely and irrevocably besotted by you...

1. He always messages

He thinks of you first thing in the morning and you are on his mind before he goes to bed. You know this because he texts you to tell you as much! He keeps in touch with you throughout the day, making sure that even your most inane thoughts don’t go unnoticed.

2. He compliments you

He’ll make sure to praise you as often as possible - your fashion sense, your work ethic, your jokes (even when they are downright terrible).
2 signs he loves you

3. He makes time

The realization of falling in love most prominently dawns on someone when they want to spend all their time with you. And a smitten boy will make the effort to meet frequently, wait without any qualms when you get late and even offer you drop you home - because he doesn't want his time with you to end!

4. He shares the little and the big things

You’ve become one of his closest confidantes and he’s comfortable discussing his insecurities and personal problems with you, with an anticipation that one day you trust him in the same way. 4 signs he loves you

5. He takes initiative

He will find things both of you can enjoy doing together, without imposing his plans on you. He really makes an effort to make sure you have a good time when you're with him!

6. He takes notice

He’ll observe things you might have said in passing and make it known that he listens. On a date night, he might put on the perfume that you love, surprise you with the book that you have been dying to read or get you tickets to a sold-out play you wanted to watch. 6 signs he loves you

7. He's protective

Not bordering on obsessive but if someone is making you uncomfortable, he’ll be sure to step up, making the other person back off. Or even just make that he's within earshot of you incase you need backup!

8. He tries to fix things

If the light in your loo isn’t working or there is a lizard treading dangerously close to your bed, he offers to take care of the many unpleasant things which you would want absolutely nothing to do with. 8 signs he loves you

9. He doesn't freak out

When you want to split the bill, open the door for him or offer him the spare seat in a public transport, he’ll try to not find it emasculating and accept your offer graciously. He considers you an equal - in every way!

10. He takes extra care of his personal hygiene

This is not to assume that all boys ‘forget’ washing their hands after a trip to the loo, forget to put down the toilet seat or shower every day. But even if they do, they’ll try to break these habits in your presence if they like you! 10 signs he loves you GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr