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10 Super SEXY Ideas To Make Your Honeymoon Even Hotter!

10 Super SEXY Ideas To Make Your Honeymoon Even Hotter!
Whether it’s love or arranged, one thing every couple eagerly looks forward to is the honeymoon. A dream vacation with lots of love, romance and sex with your better half… now who can resist something like that?! And it’s not just about the sex, it’s also about all those intimate moments you get to spend with him. All the kinky moves you’ve been waiting to try or the sexy surprises you’ve been planning to give him. Yes girls, the honeymoon is more that just the actual action… it’s a lot more! *Wink*. Here’s your guide to some super sexy things to do on your honeymoon.

1. A boudoir shoot

Boudoir shoots are so sexy and so hot. And your honeymoon is when you can dress up in your sexiest lingerie, dim those lights, slip on those high heels and have your husband click you in sensual poses. And don’t forget to click those sexy selfies too. Your boudoir shoot will not just heat things up for that moment but also every other time when you look back at the pictures. 1 sexy things to do on your honeymoon

2. An erotic novel

Reading a steamy novel together can be so arousing. Take that copy of ‘50 Shades Of Grey’ and take turns to read it out to your partner. Cosy up in your hotel room, pop open the champagne and let the erotic reading session begin.

3. Go dirty dancing

Find a happening club around your hotel and go dirty dancing with your bae. A packed club, loud music, a drink or two and grinding with your partner… it can’t get hotter than this. Put on that little black dress with some sexy lingerie inside. Because once you’re back, it’ll be hard to keep your hands off each other. 3 sexy things to do on your honeymoon

4. Soak up the love

Prepare a hot bath in the tub, add some rose petals and a few drops of aroma oils. Light a few candles and pour yourselves a glass of wine. Sink into him and feel your bodies gliding against each other. The hot water, the wine, the candles, the nakedness… it’s such a heady mix. And oh-so-sensual.

5. Go commando!

Most hotels will be happy to arrange for a private dinner for the honeymoon couple. A table by the beach or a quiet spot around your forest resort will do just fine. Somewhere during your romantic date, excuse yourself to the loo and slip out of your panties. And don’t forget to very innocently let him know that you’re not wearing any panties. Trust us, it really can mess with a man's mind… in just the way that you want! 5 sexy things to do on your honeymoon

6. Role play is SO hot!

A role play that goes all the way can be a li’l complicated back home. So now is the time! And strangers in the club sounds just so fine. Or how about the naughty patient and the sexy nurse. Dress up to suit the role and get into character. A sexy white nurse dress and a stethoscope to tease his sensitive spots. Now that’s how you make the night exciting.

7. Make your own private porno

How about making your own porn movie that’ll get you hot every time you watch it? Slip into your sexiest babydoll. Set the camera at the right angle with the perfect lighting. You can even script it out like starting with a drink, a naughty proposal and then finally getting into the act. Just the thought of filming your steamy love making session itself is so hot! 7 sexy things to do on your honeymoon

8. Go skinny dipping!

If your destination does allow you to go skinny dipping, then why not! Strip off every bit of clothing and get into the vast ocean stark naked. It’s such a turn on to take a swim with your husband in nothing but your birthday suit. And it sure is one experience you’ll remember forever.

9. A new you… every night

Make sure you have a new set of nightwear for every night of the honeymoon. A racy red babydoll, a cute polka dot lingerie set, a sensual black night gown, an embellished bra and a fun flirty night dress… make a it a mix so he gets to see a new side of you every night. And then the kind of lingerie you’re wearing will decide the kind of sex you’ll have! *Wink* 9 sexy things to do on your honeymoon

10. Game nights

When was the last time you played strip poker? Never? So basically, you both take turns to ask each other the dirtiest, naughtiest questions, and for every question that you don’t have an answer to, you strip a piece of clothing. And you know how you can really drive him crazy? By wearing a lot of layers! It’ll drive him wild and make him so impatient! GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr