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10 Sexts To Get Him Fired Up For Your Wedding Night! *Wink*

10 Sexts To Get Him Fired Up For Your Wedding Night! *Wink*

Your wedding night is approaching and you can’t help but be over-excited about it. After all, there’s so much talk and hype around your first night together as Mr. and Mrs. So ladies, to turn up the heat further, we have a few sexy texts you should totally send to your fiancé and get him all fired up for the special night. Send him these on the morning of your wedding and we are sure they’ll make your first night one that you both will never forget.

1. ‘Red panties or pink? You decide, since you’ll be the one playing with them tonight!’

With this message popping on his phone screen, he won’t stop blushing! 1 sexy texts

2. ‘Are you going to make all my fantasies come true tonight?’

Make sure he already knows all your fantasies which he needs to fulfil!

3. ‘Anything in particular you want me to do tonight? The excitement of spending the night with you is driving me crazy!’

Any favourite positions? 3 sexy texts

4. ‘Are we going to use handcuffs?’

Or blindfolding each other? How about sex games?!

5. ‘Oh BTW, my blouse is padded so no hassles of unhooking my bra tonight!’

That can be a problem after a long, tiring day, right? 5 sexy texts

6. ‘I’ve got a surprise for you tonight.’

Leave him guessing, ladies. It could be an awesome new sex move on your mind, perhaps?

7. ‘We’re rushing to our room as soon as the ceremony is over. I can’t wait!’

Why waste time, right? 7 sexy texts

8. ‘We’re sharing a bed as Mr. and Mrs. tonight!’

Let his planning and imagination run wild!

9. ‘Who is the boss tonight?’

That needs to be decided in advance. *Wink* 9 sexy texts

10. ‘Today is going to be a long day. Can’t wait to help each other relax tonight.’

This sort of unwinding should be fun! GIFs: GiphyTumblr
Published on Feb 21, 2017
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