Sunday Shorts: 3 *Steamy* Tales Of Valentine’s Night! | POPxo

Sunday Shorts: 3 *Steamy* Tales Of Valentine’s Night!

Sunday Shorts: 3 *Steamy* Tales Of Valentine’s Night!

1. Candles And Roses

We’d been seeing each other for more than three years, but hadn’t celebrated a single Valentine’s day together. Either he was out of town or I was, and even if we both were in the city, somehow we never got around to celebrating it. So this year, we decided to bunk work and spend the day with each other… morning to night. We met for breakfast, had lunch at our favourite restaurant and walked around our favourite market.
In the evening, just when I thought we were running out of things to do, he drove me to a hotel and checked us into a room he had booked. As I entered the room, I couldn’t believe myself… it was decorated with roses and lit up with candles. The window pane was open and in front of us was the skyline of the city. I was just taking in this beautiful surprise when he held me by the waist from the back and started kissing my neck. The moment was perfect! I turned around and kissed his lips, touched his entire body and in a minute, we were having the most passionate sex standing by the window pane! I just can’t forget it, ever. 1 valentines night

2. ‘51’ Shades Of Grey

The first ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ movie released on Valentine’s Day. It didn’t make it to Indian theatres but my boyfriend managed to get a copy of it! So we got down to watching it. The movie was super boring for both of us but man, the sex scenes had us going! An hour into the movie, we were stuck on each other like glue. His hands were sliding up and down my waist before they entered my shirt and unhooked my bra, while I ran my fingers through his hair, my lips biting hungrily on his neck. By the time he entered me, I knew I had found my own little, not-so-twisted, Christian Grey. That Valentine's night ended with us snuggling and joking about how we had added our personal shade of grey to the world!
2 valentines night

3. Popped The Cherry

I always told myself that if I do it with someone, it would be with someone I genuinely love. I fell in love with a wonderful man three three years ago and till today, he has a knack of keeping me on my toes. Having him by my side makes my life a blissful adventure. On Valentine’s night, my studmuffin surprised me with a bouquet of orchids, rum chocolates and the key to his home, his heart.. After taking me out to a romantic dinner and wooing me with his chivalrous charm, I was certain that he was the ‘one’ that I wanted to spend my life with. That night, while we were walking up the stairs, he picked me up and carried me home. Being welcomed by fairy lights and scented candles, the moment felt just right. Assuring me that if at any time, it didn’t feel right, we could stop. However, I didn’t... I went with the flow and made love to him on the night dedicated to love. 3 valentines night Images: Shutterstock, Giphy