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Sunday Shorts: 3 Sexy Tales Of Kissing The *Forbidden* Guy!

Sunday Shorts: 3 Sexy Tales Of Kissing The *Forbidden* Guy!

1. The ‘Bad’ Boy

You know why they’re called the bad ones? Because the minute you see them, you lose all your sanity. There is something so broken about them that you can’t help but believe that only you can fix them. It wasn’t love when I first saw him, no. But it was infatuation of a kind that still gives me a shudder down my spine. I came easy to him. In fact, I didn’t even resist it, despite all the voices around me saying ‘You’re not cut out for this’ and ‘He’s bad influence.’
When my lips first touched his, it was a feeling I had never felt before. It started from my fingertips and spread all across my body. My lips were grinning against his, as his body pulled me closer and then deeper within. The kiss lasted a minute, maybe, and then he left...never to return again. But still I keep going back to that one minute when he was completely mine. The taste of his wine stained kiss still lingers on my lips, like the goodbye I never got to say. 1 kissing the forbidden guy

2. The Mistake

Everyone knew he was bad news, but to me, he was treasure. In spite of having a history with many women, our chemistry felt like a house on fire. He had the looks of a Greek God, the charisma of the sweetest angel and the laughter of an innocent little baby. One breezy afternoon, we were sitting on the Queen's Necklace, in Mumbai. Blame it on the vibe, timing or the mood, he gently asked for my hand. He had the voice and face that even the toughest of hearts could not say no to. Our bodies got closer, and before I knew it, he pressed his lips on mine. His scent, taste and firm grip, made him irresistible. I gave in... Just when things were about to get hot and heavy. His phone beeped. Saying it's an emergency, he excused himself, got into a cab and left without saying 'Goodbye'. That's the last I saw or heard from him. I’m not sure if it felt like a dream or a nightmare. What I do know is that I haven’t yet woken up from it...    2 kissing the forbidden guy

3. Out Of Bounds

'Stop staring. STOP staring' I muttered to myself. 'He is your best friend's brother!'
We were all at a family dinner and he suddenly spotted me in the crowd. 'Long time, haan? How have you been?' he said, as he leaned in for a hug. The scent of his cologne was so intoxicating that all I managed was a squeaky 'I’m good'. Later that night, I was standing in the garden and smoking when someone touched my shoulder from behind. I jumped and turned around to find him standing there with a sloppy smile on his face. 'You scared me', I said. He laughed. I could make out he was more than a couple of drinks down. He suddenly stopped laughing and looked at me... Straight into my eyes. He came close to me and placed his lips on mine. I knew this was wrong on SO many levels... But oh! It felt so right and so good. I dropped my cigarette and wrapped my arms around his head, gently running my fingers through his hair. A drunken uncle interrupted our kiss and I still don’t know whether or not I should confess to my bestie. 3 kissing the forbidden guy Images: Tumblr, Giphy, Shutterstock