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12 Bridal Blouse Styles That’ll Make You Look Super *Sexy*

12 Bridal Blouse Styles That’ll Make You Look Super *Sexy*
This season, say goodbye to the regular blouse styles that are boring and don’t have an element of surprise. If you’re the bride who isn’t shy of experimenting, here are 12 sexy blouse designs to try this season. Because you’ve got to bring that sexy back, yeah?

1. The Deep U-Neck

1 blouse designs Image: Arpita Mehta on Instagram Ditch the ‘typical’ blouse back for this deep, low-cut, U-neckline that will make your back look super sexy. You can get this blouse stitched with any of your function outfits. In fact, you can even try the style for a kurti. Just moisturize your back with some glittery body lotion to make it look extra hot.

2. Take The Plunge

2 blouse designs Image: Sabyasachi Mukherjee on Instagram While you’ve probably taken the plunge to get married, why not go all the way and opt for a blouse with a plunging neckline too? *Wink* This style will highlight your collarbone and make that necklace stand out in the best way possible. The betel leaf curve gives quite an edge to this design.

3. Tie It Tight

3 blouse designs Image: Anita Dongre on Instagram Instead of tying your blouse with just one string on top, tie both the ends with strings and add a few tassels to the strings. It looks kinda sexy and draws all the attention to your back. You should totally try this style for your saree or lehenga. And if you have a tattoo to flaunt, you’ve got to try this one. Show this to your tailor, now!

4. Drop It Like It’s Hot

4 blouse designs Image: Ayinat Official on Instagram A one shoulder blouse is equal parts comfortable and sexy because you’re not showing too much but still making a statement with a slightly risque blouse style. This would look amazing for your mehendi or sangeet function as it’s the right mix of contemporary and classy.

5. Peephole Cutout

5 blouse designs Image: Kunza Official on Instagram A peephole cutout back is a super interesting style to try out as it’s not too bold but bares quite a bit. In a design like this, we suggest you keep your sleeves length either half or three-quarters and add interesting latkans to the strings.

6. Off-Shoulder With A Li’l Cleavage

6 blouse designs Image: Masaba Gupta on Instagram Do you like the off-shoulder trend? We love it! So why not incorporate that in your wedding trousseau? This modern, minimalist blouse can lend a sexy vibe to your outfit and how!

7. The Diamond Cut

7 blouse designs Image: Jade By MK on Instagram When we talk about a sexy back - this is the one. An absolutely unique and unexpected back design that has a structured feel to it. And unlike the other designs, this one actually stands out. Add some body chains and heavy duty accessories to bring the best out of this style.

8. Moon Is The Muse

8 blouse designs Image: Anju Modi on Instagram We bet you would have never thought of getting something like this designed for you wedding day. If you’re a bold bride-to-be who likes to experiment and isn’t afraid of trying a naughty neckline, just get this one tailormade already.

9. Keepin’ A Tab

9 blouse designs Image: Pull Chowk3 on Instagram Move over boring strings...it’s time to put a band on your back. Not only does it add a very chic twist to a blouse, it’s also such a great mix of ethnic beauty and contemporary style.

10. Like Second Skin

10 blouse designs Image: Ohaila Khan Official on Instagram This sheer back blouse is the hot new trend to try out right now. It feels like you’ve not worn anything when you actually have. This fabric looks great when there’s some shimmer and shine on it.

11. Tube Alert

11 blouse designs Image: Payal Singhal on Instagram Because there’s nothing better looking than a great tube blouse, especially in a festive and heavy fabric such as this one. It will look flattering and if you’re a little shy or conscious, just wear a cape over it!

12. Channel Your Inner-V

12 blouse designs Image: Sabyasachi on Instagram A great V-neck blouse is hard to find and harder to pull off. Let this one be your stencil to getting that V-neck blouse you’ve always wanted to flaunt. Add some tassels around the waist - that’s going to make it even better and oh-so-stylish!