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10 ‘Sex Lies’ Every Guy Has Told - At Least Once!

10 ‘Sex Lies’ Every Guy Has Told - At Least Once!
If you think he’s always telling you the truth in bed, it’s time to think again! Now, don’t go crazy, they’re all just white lies and could actually mean he likes you enough to not leave a terrible impression, but here are 10 sex lies almost every guy tells his girl!

1. ‘I’m not with you for the sex.’

Well...partially a lie! He might not be with you just for the sex but, trust us, he does want to get down and dirty more often than you’d think! 1 sex lies

2. ‘Your boobs are perfect!’

Well, what he basically means is your boobs are well, great. Men love boobs but that doesn’t necessarily need to have something to do with your boobs. But, of course, he is not going to tell you that!

3. ‘I always carry protection.’

Trust us, if he could get away with never carrying it, he would. He just wants you to know that he is a responsible kinda guy, both inside and outside the bedroom… But he also doesn't want to miss out on sex because of the logistics. 3 sex lies

4. ‘I only masturbate once a week.’

That is just not true. He masturbates way more than he’d like you to believe and that, my friends, is the truth.

5. ‘I can’t go again.’

If he says this in a long term relationship then it is probably the truth. But if the two of you just started going out or it’s a hookup, then this could be code for ‘yeah, I think it’s time for you to leave!’ 5 sex lies

6. ‘Do you wanna try anal? *Pause* Just kidding!’

He just wants to test the waters and see how you feel about it. Guys are never kidding about trying anal sex! Even though they like you to think they are.

7. ‘You taste great! So sweet!’

He, probably, loves going down on you but taste? Um, no. He has no clue what you taste like. And you’re not an all-flavours-mix candy that tastes different at different spots!
7 sex lies

8. ‘I recently got tested for STDs.’

Papers or it didn’t happen, girls! Remember this golden rule.

9. ‘I don’t usually finish that quick!’

99.99% chances are that he DOES usually finish that quick. But, obviously, he doesn’t want to leave that impression on you! And he secretly wants another chance to do it too. 9 sex lies

10. ‘That was the best blowjob I ever received.’

Blowjobs are hard to give, even if you have been practicing for a while. This is nothing personal, and it’s not like he doesn’t like what you’re offering but you probably will take a while to be the ‘best’! GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr