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10 Sexually Empowering Adventures ALL *Single Girls* Should Have

10 Sexually Empowering Adventures ALL *Single Girls* Should Have
Today, sexually empowered is something every girl should aspire to be. Twenties are the years to push your limits and learn as much as you can about your mind, body and soul. And you don’t always need a man for that. Here are 10 sex adventures every single girl should have in her 20s!

1. Debate about sex...openly

Talk to people about sex and don’t be shy to put your opinions out there. There is something so mentally stimulating about a great discussion. And when it’s about sex, it’s even better! 1 sex adventures

2. Explore your own body

Before you give someone else the right, it’s important that you know enough about your own body. Sure, someone else’s touch will bring a different kind of excitement, but you’d be surprised at what you can accomplish all on your own. Basically, find out what turns you on, your likes and dislikes in bed - before someone else does!

3. Have the most epic orgasm of your life…

...On your own! Once you start to understand your own touch, the softness and the sensuality of it, you’ll realize that an orgasm is not something you need another person for. Also, there is nothing wrong with it. In fact, there is something so powerful about having your pleasure in your own hands. 3 sex adventures

4. Make the first move

Often see a cute stranger across the bar but never have the courage to approach him? What’s stopping you? There is no reason why you shouldn’t get up and tell him you think he is cute as hell! So go ahead and make the first move. Trust us, you will walk out feeling more confident - and if all goes well, with a phone number in hand.

5. Reject average sex with an ex

The past is done and dusted. Don’t go running back to it just because you can’t see the future clearly. And don’t let it run back to you either. If it’s a booty call you’re looking for, you’d be better off choosing anyone but your ex! 5 sex adventures

6. Buy yourself some sex supplies

Be it condoms, lube or a vibrator, go ahead and buy your sex supplies yourself. You can’t and should not always depend on your partner. Being prepared for sex is another kind of hotness altogether!

7. Go commando!

Lingerie is just a restriction anyway! Go for a fun date or party without wearing anything under your dress. It might feel a tad bit uncomfortable initially, but by the end of the night, you’ll be owning the look! 7 sex adventures

8. Play a role of your choice!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you weren’t who you are? What if we tell you, you can be anyone you’d like? For a night, at least. Go out and be an astronaut, a gossip columnist or whoever else you’d like to be!

9. Read an erotic book

Erotica is an under-appreciated form of literature. We’re not talking about online porn, but proper erotic novels. The ones that make you realize what a ‘wordgasm’ truly is. Get yourself one and lose yourself in the world that breaks all barriers! 9 sex adventures

10. Post a thirst-trappy picture

A little social media attention never harmed anybody! Get your pout on and post a picture that sends out a reminder to the world - you’re single, sexy and absolutely loving it! GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr