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The Ultimate ‘7-Day Romance Challenge’ For You And Your Guy!!

The Ultimate ‘7-Day Romance Challenge’ For You And Your Guy!!
If you have been in a relationship for a while, you will agree with us when we say, that once in a while you need to do something to keep things spicy and interesting! The real relationship begins after the lovey-dovey, can’t-keep-our-hands-off-each-other phase is over. But there’s no reason you cannot bring that phase back! Here's a 7 day romance challenge for you and your man - accept it if you dare! It’s fun and it will surely intensify the spark in your relationship.

Day 1: Strangers in love

Remember the time when you both had just met? Being strangers had it’s own charm. So, for a day, go back to being strangers. Then go over the ‘getting to know you’ phase all over again. Ask each other questions, flirt, send silly memes and quizzes… Basically do everything you did before you started dating. 1 romance challenge

Day 2: Love letters in silence

This one’s gonna be a challenge, but it is gonna be awesome too! For one whole day, don’t speak to each other… At all! No calls, not texts, no tagging in funny online posts. You have to communicate only through letters. Whatever you are feeling or you want to say to your partner, you have to write it down. Trust us, you will have some very romantic letters by the end of the day - and you'll cherish them forever! 2 romance challenge

Day 3: Blind surprise

Day 3 is an open field and you can play it as you like. All you both have to do is plan a surprise for each other. You can buy a gift, book an adventure sport experience, plan a movie marathon… Basically anything! Rack your brains and come up with something interesting and offbeat. 3 romance challenge

Day 4: Destination-less long drive

Unplanned things often make for the best memories. So, hop in the car (or bike!) and forget about maps and navigation. Just go wherever the road takes you and whatever path appeals to your senses. You will make the most of the journey because you will not be worried about reaching the destination.
4 romance challenge

Day 5: Make out in 5 *different* places

Remember how you used to steal kisses wherever you could, when you had just started going out? It’s time to relive some of that romance and thrill again! You have to make out in 5 different places (or more if you are up for it!). A club, in a car, on your terrace when its raining… Just keep it interesting! You can also revisit the place you first kissed each other if possible! 5 romance challenge

Day 6: Recreate your first date… Yes, even the dresses!

You surely have a photograph of your first date, don’t you? And even if you don't, we're sure you remember what you wore after hours of deliberation. So go ahead and recreate that day! Wear the same dress (or a dress that looks most like the one you wore that day), go to the same place and order the same food...if your remember your order! This is bound to be fun and romantic too! 6 romance challenge

Day 7: Play your role well…

End the challenge on a sexy, steamy note. But make it more interesting by involving role play in it. Decide on the roles and the script in advance and use the whole day to build up the excitement and sexual tension. The result will be mind-blowing, trust us! 7 romance challenge GIFs: Giphy