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13 Secrets Of Seduction EVERY 20-Something Girl Should Know!

13 Secrets Of Seduction EVERY 20-Something Girl Should Know!
Seduction is an art not many know about. In fact, it takes people all of their lives to actually learn the difference it can make to their love and sex lives. But don’t worry, we’re here to guide you. Here are 13 secrets of seduction every 20 something girl should know to kickstart the romance and passion in her life!

1. Confidence is key

First things first, confidence is your key to seduction. Whatever your style may be, if you can’t carry it off with ease then it’s just not attractive. So whatever you do, keep your chin up, buttercup!

2. Make prolonged eye contact

Start with making eye contact but the kind where your eyes linger for just a bit longer. It is that prolonged moment that shows you are interested. And it might just encourage him to come up to you and start a conversation.

3. Look at his lips

If he does come and talk to you, shift your gaze from his eye to his lips and then back up again. This gets your message across loud and clear without you saying a word. 3 secrets of seduction

4. Bite your lips

This is another classic technique that you must try! Gently bite your lower lip while talking to him or when you are moving your gaze away from his eyes. This gives the impression that you’re thinking of something naughty and wild… Which, let’s admit it, you might just be!

5. Hold that smile

While you are at it, don’t forget to smile in between all these sexy gestures. Laugh at his jokes or just have a small smile on your lips while you’re talking. Because, honestly, there’s nothing more attractive than a woman smiling confidently.

6. Subtle touches!

There is something so electric about a physical touch. It could just be touching his hand while you’re telling him a story, or touching his forearms or his shoulder when you both share a joke. You can also just graze your hands across his thigh. 6 secrets of seduction

7. Use a sensuous low tone while talking

Keep your tone low and sensuous when you’re talking to him. Something so seductive about a sultry, husky voice that makes every guy feel weak on his knees. But make sure it doesn’t sound made up. Maybe try it on your friends before you try it on a guy?

8. Always, always smell good

A person who smells good but not in an overdone way, is instantly attractive! So don’t forget to spritz some of your favourite perfume before you get too close!

9. Show your collarbone

Showing your collarbone is a visual cue that turns men on. There’s something so sexy about a woman’s bare neck.  It’s one of the seduction tools you must always use! 9 secrets of seduction

10. Act coy

Remember that acting coy and playing damsel in distress are two different things. You can act coy by the simple gesture of looking up at him with your chin down so it looks like you’re being shy. It makes men feel better about themselves when they can make you blush.

11. But strong at the same time

However, make sure you are stating your opinions loud and clear. As much as men like the coy act, they love a woman who is confident enough to speak her mind. Look him straight in the eye when you’re expressing an opinion.

12. Keep an element of surprise

Ladies, eventually, he will know that you like him and want him but till then, you can keep him guessing! Don’t just give all that you’ve got in one go. Keep a subtle hot and cold attitude towards him. Of course, not to the level of being mean but just enough to leave him wondering! 12 secrets of seduction

13. Let your attention wander

By that, we don’t mean start flirting with other men in front of him. But, make sure you are not the one running around him. Excuse yourself and go talk to your friends, let him know that he is not the centre of your universe. With all these seduction tricks under your sleeve, what are you waiting for, girls? GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr