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10 Relationship Mistakes It’s OKAY To Forgive Him For, Girls!

10 Relationship Mistakes It’s OKAY To Forgive Him For, Girls!
There is power in forgiveness as there is in love. We all make mistakes and sometimes, it’s okay to acknowledge, forgive, forget and move on. We’ve listed out 10 teeny tiny relationship mistakes every boyfriend makes at some point and why it’s okay to move on from them!

1. For forgetting a ‘mini’ anniversary

The first time you held hands, the first time you kissed... Or the first time you slept together - it’s absolutely okay for him not to remember the exact time and date of every relationship milestone.

2. For being a bit inattentive after a hard day at work

Sure, it’s rude but maybe he is genuinely worried about an email from work or preoccupied about an important meeting. You can let this one go!

3. For not being able to spend your birthday with you

Yes, we know, this one is a touchy topic for every girl. Sure, we want our birthday to be special, and yes, we would LOVE to have bae next to us. But it’s okay if something important comes up and he’s not able to be physically next to you! 3 relationship mistakes

4. For discussing your relationship with a friend

It might seem like he crossed the line but it is possible that he just needed someone to talk to. And sometimes, you just need a third person’s perspective.

5. For some harmless flirting

Although it’s for the two of you to decide what the definition of ‘harmless’ is in this case. If it makes you too uncomfortable, then feel free to discuss it with him.

6. For nagging

Yes, we know! Nagging can be so annoying. But, you can admit, it’s one thing you can easily forgive him for. Especially if he's nagging you to get ready on time!  6 relationship mistakes

7. For not complimenting you

You spent hours at the parlour and he didn’t even notice your new haircut? It’s okay, you can’t waste time being upset about that. You probably didn't notice his haircut either! 

8. For not pampering you with flowers, chocolates or gifts!

He has his own ways of making you feel like a princess. Savour his style – it is what makes him unique!

9. For keeping a secret from you

It might be something about his best friend or a family member, that he just isn’t ready to speak to you about. Unless it is something that affects you or your relationship directly, it is alright if he keeps a few secrets from you. 9 relationship mistakes

10. For not spending all his free time with you

In fact, both of you should have separate interests and friends - it’s a sign of a healthy relationship! GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr