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13 Relationship ‘Red Flags’ EVERY Girl Should Look Out For!

13 Relationship ‘Red Flags’ EVERY Girl Should Look Out For!

Red flags can appear at any time in a relationship - during the first week, after a few months or even after years of being together. And the worst part is that they aren’t nearly as easy to spot! So we decided to list out some red flags in a relationship, that you must keep in mind to save yourself from heartbreak..

1. Your partner starts missing your phone calls, for no apparent reason…

Lack of communication and avoiding unresolved issues is a definite sign of trouble.

2. Keeping secrets is (not) normal

It starts with the little things, and leads to deeper and darker secrets. Before you realise it, someone else becomes your partner’s biggest confidant. 2 red flags in a relationship

3. Your partner freaks out if you touch his phone…

Ask yourself this, what is it that he is so worried about?

4. The compatibility is great but the chemistry is missing…

When physical attraction is missing between you and your darling, it is a cause of worry. 4 red flags in a relationship

5. Your partner dodges the ‘where is this heading’ question

Every couple in a healthy relationship dreams of a future together and if your partner doesn’t, then that should be a valid concern for you!

6. What used to be fun seems a bit drab and boring now

Whether it was bicycling in the mornings or jazz nights, you two used to be excited about doing things together. The same activities that brought you together no longer hold the same appeal..

7. Your partner gives you vague replies…

You know that can't be right. It’s bound to cause trust issues eventually!

8. When the ‘Awww’ changes to ‘WTH’…

The traits that you both loved about each other, are suddenly super annoying! 8 red flags in a relationship

9. You both prefer hanging out with a group of friends…

..Instead of enjoying each other’s company. Also, cute, romantic dates have become a thing of the past.

10. None of your friends seem to like him…

Take some time and think about it. Is there something about your partner that you’re missing? #FoodForThought 10 red flags in a relationship

11. None of your partner’s friends know that you both are dating…

If your partner is hiding your relationship, you need to take a stand and ask him about it.

12. He persistently flirts with others…

Sure, harmless flirting is okay but it shouldn’t cross a line. He needs to understand that it’s disrespectful to you and your relationship. 12 red flags in a relationship

13. You are not his first point of contact in times of need…

You really don’t want to be the second.. GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr
Published on Feb 4, 2017
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