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Turn Up The Heat: 10 Reasons To Sext Your Husband… Today!

Turn Up The Heat: 10 Reasons To Sext Your Husband… Today!
He comes home to you every night and the room is all yours to have fun… why sext him, then? If that’s how you think too, you know not what you’re missing out on, woman. Living together and being married are no prerequisites to not sexting. Allow us to encourage you to give it a try, then. Shake off that hesitation, already, for here are 10 convincing reasons to sext your husband. Let’s have some fun, shall we?

1. It’s pre-foreplay! (Do you really need any other reason?!)

We all know that foreplay is the key ingredient to great sex. Would you then not make use of sexting that triggers foreplay and gets you two in the mood, even before you get to the room?

2. It’ll get him thinking about you all day.

Hectic work schedules will take care of themselves as he will try everything in his might to get home early to you. You would love that, wouldn’t you?

3. It’ll give you all the control!

Contrary to what many of us believe, a lot of men love when their women take charge in the bedroom. Sexting, then, is a great way of playing out your fantasies and suggesting to him early on what he’s in for the night – and then, leading him on to pleasure you, just the way you like it. 3 reasons to sext your husband

4. Plus, it’ll help you understand your husband’s fantasies too.

Maybe he feels hesitant about trying new stuff too. What better way of bringing his guards down and encouraging him to get naughty with you? Plus, you’ll get to see a fresh, new side to him – should be interesting to watch, no?

5. It’s gonna get you blushing all day

Ah, sweet anticipation. All that planning for the night will sure get you excited and release them happy hormones, making you giggle and blush. And who doesn’t like a little pink in the cheeks?

6. It can lead to some unforgettable nights!

When you’ll spend hours apart just teasing each other, by the time you’ll get to your room, you’ll feel like exploding… and fireworks will follow. 6 reasons to sext your husband

7. Plus, it spices up your relationship!

The thrill of sharing a secret and looking forward to something together makes you feel like a team. Plus to hear your partner coo all the wonderful things about you over text can do wonders for their confidence. And like we said before, sexting can lead to good foreplay, which can lead to great sex, which in turn, is pretty important for your love life.

8. It will get you to behave like honeymooners, forever!

Remember those first few months of dating? How you used to look forward to each other's texts, smile into the phone all day and wait eagerly to finally meet? Sexting is the magic word to help you stay in the honeymoon period, forever.

9. Besides, it’s a lot of fun!

You gotta try it to believe it. What’s to lose, anyway? 9 reasons to sext your husband

10.Your husband might secretly want it – just like you might discover that you love it too.

Go explore, then. You have our blessings!
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