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17 Totally Random Thoughts EVERY Girl Has In The Shower!!

17 Totally Random Thoughts EVERY Girl Has In The Shower!!

It's strange but totally true that some the best and most random ideas are thought of in the shower. That’s the time when your mind is relaxed and your imagination runs wild. We bet every girl has had these 17 random thoughts in the shower! (If you have had some weirder ones, do share! *Wink*) 1. Sh*t! I forgot to turn the geyser on AGAIN?! It’s cold AF in here! 1 thoughts in the shower 2. Why do I have to wash my hair, again? I’ll just make a bun and get over it. So much time saved! 3. OMG! My voice sounds so amazing in here... I think I should try for Indian Idol! 3 thoughts in the shower 4. Hmm… I wonder what my boyfriend is upto right now? 5. Oh, gosh! Why am I having naughty thoughts of us getting it on in this shower? 5 thoughts in the shower 6. Hmm…while I'm here maybe I should start doing some squats and planks. 7. Ouch! Almost slipped! Never doing THAT again! 7 thoughts in the shower 8. Wait... Did my tummy just growl?! How is that even possible?! 9. Argh! My fingers look shrivelled… How long have I been here? 9 thoughts in the shower 10. Will they look the same way when I grow old though? 11. Not again! There's soap in my eyes! *Arghhh* Is this that new lavender body wash? It's kinda yum. 11 thoughts in the shower 12. Wait a second… Have my boobs grown a bit bigger? Just from this one angle though. 13. Damn! I look so hot, naked in the mirror. 13 thoughts in the shower 14. I think I should totally click a selfie while I shower. Or 10. 15. Oh, no! I got water on my phone. This was the worst idea ever. 15 thoughts in the shower 16. Where’s the damn towel when I need it the most?!! 17. Okay, no, the water is hot now and I don't want to leave. Ever!! 17 thoughts in the shower GIFs: Giphy
Published on Feb 2, 2017
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