Questions to ask guys in bed

Questions to ask guys in bed

#HeSays: 10 flirty questions to ask a guy In Bed!

We're the last ones to promote too much talking in bed - especially when we've got the option of doing other stuff. But there are some questions we actually don't mind being asked in bed by you ladies. Yes, it's true! We would be ready to answer these in a heartbeat. Don't believe us?! Find out for yourselves then - here are a few flirty questions to ask a guy in bed!

1. ‘Would you like a blow job?’

Well, ask about questions to ask a guy? This is the dream question, and it's even more special if it's the first thing we hear in the morning!   

2. ‘Can we do that thing you wanted to try last time?’

Because we know you like to think about things. And it's awesome when that thinking leads to experimenting!   

3. ‘How are you so amazing at that?’

One of those questions that they’d absolutely love. Compliments like these are always welcome, ladies!  1  

4. ‘Let's play a game. Guess what colour underwear I am wearing?’

Now, this is a game we would love to play... EVERY DAY! Those hot questions to ask your boyfriend can actually lead to hotter times😉  

5. ‘How would you feel if I gave you striptease?’

Especially if you proceed to actually give us one! The answer to this one can never be a ‘No’.  

6. ‘Can you do *that* again? I really like it.’

This one tops the list of hot questions to ask your boyfriend. Some clear direction on what you really like in bed can be AWESOME! 

7. ‘Can you not do *that* again? I'm not a big fan of it.’

We really do want to know if we're wasting our time doing something in bed that you just don't like. It's better for both of us!   

8. ‘Why don't you do whatever you want to me tonight? I'm all yours!’

Giving us that kind of freedom makes us feel on top of the world!   

9. ‘Why don't you lie down and let me do everything?’

THIS, every once in a while, is what our dreams are made of, ladies. This is one of those questions to ask a guy that has yes as the definite answer. 3  

10. ‘Can we do it again?’

Those times when you're just totally insatiable in bed can turn us on like nothing else. Again and again!  Images: TumblrShutterstock Published on Feb 20, 2017