#HeSays: 10 Questions EVERY Guy Wants To Ask About *Bras* | POPxo

#HeSays: 10 Questions EVERY Guy Wants To Ask About *Bras*

#HeSays: 10 Questions EVERY Guy Wants To Ask About *Bras*
Bras. Anything that close to your boobs is obviously a part of our regular thoughts. And while we think many things about them (like, when can we take it offff?!) - we always end up asking ourselves a few weird questions about bras too. Not that we would ever actually ask you these - no, that would make us feel very silly.

1. Are they all of a different kind?

And do you even need these many types? Like, seriously, it's so confusing!

2. Why are they so damn expensive?

It has come to our knowledge that many of you aren't very sure about the answer to this one either.

3. Do girls find it hot when (or if) we're able to unhook it with one hand?

Can *you* even do that? Because we've noticed you usually use two hands… Just saying! 3 questions about bras

4. Don't you feel like you're suffocating?

Because it seems like there is a contraption tied around your torso, squeezing the life out of you.

5. Do you reallyyy need to wear it?

Only because it looks kinda painful. Can one reallyyy tell the difference? (Also, you look kinda awesome without it, you know.)

6. Does not wearing one make you feel like you're a free bird?

We've seen way too many memes about girls throwing away their bras when they reach home. 6 questions about bras

7. Do you feel sort of attached to your bra?

Since it's kinda your constant, um, support system?

8. Why the hell do some of them open in the front?

Is it just that way to confuse us?

9. Do you have a lucky bra?

And a different home bra? And another sexy-time bra? 9 questions about bras

10. Do you ever feel like just walking around in your bra?

It IS really pretty. And expensive. And you look gorgeous in it, by the way. Images: Shutterstock, Tumblr