perks of dating someone like me

10 Perks Of Dating A Not-So-Perfect Girl… Like *Me*!

Manika Parasher

Lifestyle Writer & Copy Editor

Dear boyfriend-to-be, I may look nothing like the woman you had dreamt about and I may not have an angel ring over my head... I may not even look as stunning as the supermodels you see on TV! Me? I am more of a girl next door who is unique in her own right. I may be a little clumsy and a little sloppy but, hey! I am a lot of other things too! So here are the perks of dating someone like me!

1. I will never judge you when you are down!

I am going to be your person. I am gonna push you when you need a push and I am going to always have your back. You can be at your worst and I will still think you are awesome!

1 perks of dating someone like me

2. I am going to be upfront with you… About the good and the bad things.

I won’t keep you guessing. I will let you know how I feel… Well, for the most part, at least!

3. I won’t suffocate you…

I won’t ask for your Facebook or Whatsapp password or deny you your ‘guy’ time just because you are dating me. I like to have a life of my own and I would love for you to have the same.

3 perks of dating someone like me

4. ...Or leave you in the middle of the storm!

But when you need me, I will be there for you. You will never find yourself fighting all alone!

5. I will get mad at you at times… But I will love you in those moments too!

Because I just can’t be mad at the ones I love for long. Ain’t no one gaining anything from being a grumpus!

5 perks of dating someone like me

6. I am a little crazy… Just like you are!

No one wants to date a completely sensible and sane human being, right? Life would be so boring! We all need to go a little crazy sometimes and I will be totally up for that - Always!

7. I am always gonna be up for pizza races and golgappa eating competitions!

Would you dare to be my opponent?

7 perks of dating someone like me

8. My listening capabilities can sometimes be superhuman.

I will listen to all your rants, your troubles and your bitching (yes, I know guys do that too) with patience and will ‘Oooh’ and ‘WTF!’ at all the right places.

9. I may not always be dressed to the nines, but when I am, I will make your head turn!

Because I can look fabulous and flawless when I want to!

9 perks of dating someone like me

10. I won’t expect you to be perfect

Because I am not and I know that no one can be perfect. I will love you with all your imperfections and flaws because I know they cannot compare to all the awesome things about you!

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Published on Feb 11, 2017
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