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10 Girls Reveal The *Naughtiest* Things They’ve Said During Sex

10 Girls Reveal The *Naughtiest* Things They’ve Said During Sex

Sex is even better when there’s dirty talk involved. Though, dirty talking is an art in itself, mastered only with time and patience, we’ve got some inspiration for you! Here are 10 girls revealing the naughty things to say during sex! *Wink*

1. ‘Winter is coming and so will you…’

My boyfriend and I are huge Game Of Thrones fans and so, I remember this one time we were in bed, doing what we do best... When things turned really hot and steamy, I told him - 'Winter is coming and so will you' and winked. Naughty, right? 1 naughty things to say during sex

2. 'Baby, spank me harder!'

When it comes to making love, my boyfriend and I approach sex quite differently. He's more of a smooth, romantic, let's-take-things-slow kind of guy and I'm the exact opposite. I like it fast, rough and wild. On his birthday, while we were getting it on, I told him to spank me. Without hesitating, the guy went for it. I liked it so much that I told him not to stop. Seconds later, the spanks got faster and hotter. That night, he rocked my world (and my bed...)

3. ‘It’s like I can feel your heartbeat inside me!’

It was one of those nights of absolutely mind-blowing ‘tipsy’ sex. I was on top of him, when he asked me, ‘How does it feel?’ and in a moment of honesty, I replied, ‘It’s like I can feel your heartbeat inside me!’. It felt SO hot in the moment that we both climaxed together! 3 naughty things to say during sex

4. ‘Tonight, you do as I say!’

My boyfriend and I share a great relationship. Even though in my previous relationships I’ve liked sex a little rough, everything was sweet in this one. So on one of our big date nights when I decided to give dirty talking a shot, I was apprehensive - mostly about how he’d react. Nevertheless, I leaned in closer and whispered, ‘I am going to tell you something and you’d better hear me right…Tonight, you do as I say!’. I could not see his face because I was so close to him but I could feel his warm breath on my neck before he said, ‘I’m all yours, madam!’. Let’s just say, the night ended much better than how it started!

5. ‘Make it hard and rough tonight!’

I had had the worst day possible and was almost about to cancel plans with my date when instead, I decided to blow off some steam and go ahead with it. It’s a good thing I did because when I reached his house, I saw it decorated with flowers and there was a candlelight dinner ready. He poured me a glass of wine and planted a kiss on my lips. After we were done with dinner, I was so grateful, happy and...horny. So much so that right before we started making out, I told him, ‘Make it hard and rough tonight!’. I was super embarrassed later but I am really glad I said it because he totally made it worth my while!
5 naughty things to say during sex

6. ‘Remember how you made me scream last week, do it again…’

It was on my birthday last year that we had the best sex EVER! It was absolutely wild. The following week, when we were doing it again, I told him - 'Remember how you made me scream last week, do it again!’. He laughed when I said it, but hey, he did it again!

7. 'I want to blow your mind baby…’

There's something about morning sex that makes it so special. Waking up to the warmth of his body next to mine never fails to excite me. We were kissing when I took charge and whispered in his ear, 'I want to blow your mind baby. Now lie back and watch me ride you!'. I bet he couldn't have asked for a better start to the day! 7 naughty things to say during sex

8. ‘I want to suck you up like the icing on a cupcake!’

My boyfriend knows I am a big time foodie so he is always teasing me about how I would choose donuts and cupcakes over him. One day, right before I was about to go down on him, I whispered in his ear, ‘I want to suck you up like the icing on a cupcake!’. He could not believe I had said that and was super turned on by it!

9. ‘Let’s record this!’

We were making out in his bedroom on his birthday when suddenly a weird idea struck me. What if I gifted him a little customisable porn of his own? ‘Let’s record this!’, I whispered in his ear. For a moment he was taken aback, before the excitement hit him and he whipped out the camera. Let’s just say it was an entertaining night for the both of us.
9 naughty things to say during sex

10. ‘You. Me. Right here. Right NOW’.

We were holidaying for the first time together, just the two of us. One night, we were both sitting by the pool with our legs in the water, sipping our nth glass of wine. The lights were out, there was no one around and the pool beds were laid out. That’s when I felt like doing something naughty. So I turned to him and said, ‘You. Me. Right here. Right NOW.’ GIFs: Tumblr, Giphy
Published on Feb 16, 2017
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