15 Bridal Naths You Don’t Need A Piercing For… SO Pretty!

15 Bridal Naths You Don’t Need A Piercing For… SO Pretty!
A bride’s avatar is incomplete without a delicate nose ring or the nath, as it’s popularly known. Although most brides would love to wear this ornament, it isn’t always viable to get a nose piercing just to wear this piece of jewellery on the big day. That’s exactly why we have created this list for you. Here are some hand-picked naths for the bride that you can wear even if you don’t have a nose piercing!

1. Dual-toned drama

1 naths for the bride A gold-plated nose ring that has a band of alternating gold and white stones around the circle, along with a tiny floral motif in the centre of it - this one’s too pretty. That drop, along with a beaded chain only add to its beauty. It’ll match your gold and diamond bridal set beautifully. Price: Rs 399. Buy it here.

2. The bright diamante look

2 naths for the bride Perfect to match your diamond set, this tiny nath sits ideally on the face giving it a graceful look. The white stones and the droplet in the simple pattern are for the lady who likes to keep it neat. You can even attach a string to this one if you like. Price: Rs 399. Buy it here.

3. With a hint of colour

3 naths for the bride A multicoloured centerpiece along with intricately carved designs around the circle, this nath is for the woman who is wearing a gold set that includes rubies and emeralds. This piece is sure to compliment your bridal outfit graciously. Price: Rs 499. Buy it here.

4. The beads story

4 naths for the bride With delicately woven beads and a double chain, this nath makes for a beautiful piece of jewellery. The dash of green and red along with the gold give it that traditional vibe that a conventional bride will fall in love with. The tiny elements make sure that you look stunning. Price: Rs 900. Buy it here.

5. Paisley pretties!

5 naths for the bride A string with multicoloured tiny droplets, this nath has a delightful touch. The paisley pattern around the circle defines this jewellery piece in a very conventional manner. Wear this with your gold set and dazzle all at your wedding. Price: Rs 419. Buy it here.

6. A stringy affair

6 naths for the bride When you are looking to keep your look light and simple, this fine nath will work like magic. The large, oval shaped white and gold stones will add that much needed glitz to your face and won’t look OTT at all. Price: Rs 600. Buy it here.

7. The drop of magic

7 naths for the bride One bold nath with the pink drop taking centre stage. This is perfect to match the ruby set you have decorated yourself with. The beads in the chain give it that classic bridal look that’ll win everyone’s heart.
Price: Rs 374. Buy it here.

8. The bold gold

8 naths for the bride Want to keep it elegant and go with only gold? Here is a meticulously created nath with intricate designs that give the gold nath it’s lustre. The crescent shaped piece is quite unique, we think. Flaunt this one at your shaadi, brides-to-be. Price: Rs 600. Buy it here.

9. Floral fix

9 naths for the bride The kundan nath has a ravishing design, with double pearl strings that give it that extra charm. The lovely floral motif created with stones is too gorge. Wear this with your polki or kundan set and be sure to make a statement on your wedding day. Price: Rs 2,121. Buy it here.

10. Triple bonanza

10 naths for the bride A nath with triple strings, and that exquisite floral motif - this one’s quite the stunner. This one will go so well with your gold bridal set! Grab this beauty now. Price: Rs 1,365. Buy it here.

11. The structured one

11 naths for the bride A standard sized nath with a linear pattern is for the bride who likes symmetrical jewellery. The tiny designs attached to the chain and the nath are intricate and oh-so-pretty. Match this with your kundan or polki bridal set and you’re ready for the wedding! Price: Rs 2,100. Buy it here.

12. The larger than life one

12 naths for the bride For the woman who’s wearing large kundan stones on her neck and ears, and wants to keep the look effortless, this nath with the different shapes and sizes of the stone is the ideal choice. It’s gorgeous in its own way, just like you, soon-to-be bride!
Price: Rs 1,260. Buy it here.

13. Pearly whites

13 naths for the bride When simplicity is your mantra but making a classy entry is also your thing, opt for this flawless, simple nath. The large pearls give it that character it deserves. This will match well with a pearl and gold set. Price: Rs 1,500. Buy it here.

14. The cascading one

14 naths for the bride This immaculate nath is made of tiny gold and pearl ingredients. The way this sits on the cheek, you’re going to look like an ethereal dream. Match this with your polki or gold bridal set and look like a Goddess on the big day! Price: Rs 600. Buy it here.

15. Star-struck!

15 naths for the bride With a prominent star motif created in white diamante along with the thin double chains, this one is a rare creation. Wear this with your diamond and gold set and be sure to look drop dead gorgeous on your big day. Price: Rs 660. Buy it here. Pick any nath from this list and get ready to look like a dream on your special day!