#MyStory: I Even Bought Condoms For Our ‘First Time’ But… | POPxo

#MyStory: I Even Bought Condoms For Our ‘First Time’ But…

#MyStory: I Even Bought Condoms For Our ‘First Time’ But…
I had been single for a while when one of my friends, who was also a colleague, set me up with a guy she knew. According to her, he wasn’t looking for anything serious and neither was I so we’d be perfect for each other. Himanshu and I started talking through texts once she made us exchange numbers. It was an instant connection! We were both single, ready to mingle and quite enjoyed each other's pathetic sense of humour.
Promptly, within a day or two of talking, we made plans to meet for dinner and drinks. I was extremely nervous but the date actually went pretty smoothly, considering we were both very awkward about it in the beginning. He asked me over to his place and I went, not because I wanted to hook up but because it was getting really late and heading back home would have been a task at that point of time. Truth be told, there was no chance for us to actually hook up because I was on my period that day. And he took this information in with mild surprise and much sweetness, as we kissed for the first time. He asked if I’d like some chocolate that was lying in his fridge or a nice back massage, if that helped. Even if I didn’t want to sleep with him earlier, I totally wanted to after this! However, we spent the night mostly making out and talking a lot! The sad part was that he was leaving town the next night for about one and a half weeks. So now, I was left wanting more but unable to have any. The next few days I spent talking to him, talking to my friends about him and thinking about what it would be like once he got back. It wasn’t like either of us had mentioned having sex the next time we met but we both knew it was what we’d like to do. first time The day he got back, he messaged me asking when I was free to meet him. After much discussion, because our schedules just didn’t seem to match, we decided on Friday. He told me I could stay at his place because both of us wouldn’t have work the next day!
Come Friday, I was almost skipping on my way to work. I planned a nice outfit, shaved my legs, groomed my bikini area and made a pit stop at the chemist to buy my first packet of condoms. Which can get quite embarrassing, I realized. Especially when you are buying them at 8 in the morning! Anyway, once I had the basics done, I spent a stress-free day at work with a huge smile on my face. He, too, kept texting me through the day, making things even better. It could have been the over-excitement or the nervousness or just a very sick twist of the fate that an hour before I was supposed to meet him, I got my period...again!! I came out of the washroom, almost on the verge of tears. What was I going to tell him? How was I going to get laid tonight? Was he going to think I am making excuses to not sleep with him? My friends suggested I should just re-schedule but it had taken me a lot of effort to get my outfit and hair on point for him to not see me in it! In a moment of courage, I messaged him saying - ‘Hey, I want to tell you this before I change my mind. You must remember that I was on my period the last time I met you, right? Well, by some miracle of God, I just got down today again. And even though I would have liked to take things a step further with us, I don’t think that is going to happen tonight. So, if you’d like to reschedule, we can do that!’ He read the message and typed for the longest time before sending - ‘Hahahaha. This is really funny. No man, I had a great time with you last time and I would just love to have that great a time again. Sex is just the cherry on the cake, it’s not THE cake!’
I half laughed, half let out a sigh of relief when I read this. Turns out, he was a pretty great guy, after all! So we met that evening, I stayed the night at his place and we had a great time. I even told him how I had bought condoms for the first time for this, and he simply looked at me and placed a kiss on my forehead. Our first time did happen, as soon as my period got over. And it was amazing but to be honest, for me, that night of not having sex probably can’t compare to any sex that I would ever have. It was that night that I learned to trust him, after all. Images: Shutterstock Have a story you’d like to share? Just drop us an email here with your story – don’t forget to put #MyStory in the subject line. We’ll get back to you about whether we can feature it.