#MyStory: We Waited Until Our Wedding Night To Have Sex, And… | POPxo

#MyStory: We Waited Until Our Wedding Night To Have Sex, And…

#MyStory: We Waited Until Our Wedding Night To Have Sex, And…
I had always made it clear to my boyfriend that when it came to having sex, I wanted to wait until we were married. It was something I had decided upon long before meeting him and something that I had vowed to myself - that I would be a virgin on my wedding night. He didn't really have an issue with it. We met in college and I knew that he had had a girlfriend before me - so I always assumed that he had already done the deed, and that didn't bother me.

We knew we didn't want to be one of those couples who fell asleep on their wedding night. Instead, we made sure we did all the necessary preparations before the wedding ceremony. We kept protection in the room, I told one of my close friends to do the whole roses and candles thing and we said we would leave the reception by 2 am latest, to make the most of our first night together!

Internal virgin on my wedding night

As the time drew closer and the thought of losing my virginity finally set in - I began to feel both, nervous and excited! Every time our eyes met across the dance floor, I felt something flip inside my stomach! We had never even seen one another naked - it was truly going to be a night that I would remember for the rest of my life. I remember getting that tingling feeling when he first touched my hand. Even a touch like that was so electrifying. So, that night, towards the end of the function, he grabbed my hand and asked if I was ready to go. I took one last look at the function and our friends who were dancing away and then, we both left the venue. It had been the wedding of my dreams and here I was standing hand in hand with the man I loved and had just married.

I think he was a little bit nervous also because as we got up to the room, he wasn't really talking much. As planned, there were candles and roses adorning the place! It was romantic and beautiful. He kissed me straight away and we fell onto the bed. I still remember looking into each other's eyes as though it was the very first time we had done that! Luckily, I had changed into a gown after the wedding, and it wasn’t as complicated an outfit as my lehenga. We stood up and began to undress one another. We took our time to "unwrap" each other and it felt good! I felt my husband become hard in my hands and it was such a great feeling! He lay me down gently and began to kiss me. I remember feeling very cold - tingly all over! I remember lying there and I just did not know what to expect. It was a little painful. I told him to keep going because I knew that it had to be done like this and that with time, this would only get better and more enjoyable. Later, I lay there thinking, ‘oh, this is it?’ But my husband leaned over me, kissed me on my forehead and whispered into my ears how much he loved me and how he was glad we had waited to do this as man and wife. We had sex again the next morning and it was intense! We looked into one another's eyes and savoured every intimate moment truly being connected as one. It was magical.

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