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#MyStory: I Hooked Up With My Guy Bestie’s Friend And…

#MyStory: I Hooked Up With My Guy Bestie’s Friend And…
Something out of the blue happened a month ago. I remember crushing on this one guy who I knew all through junior college. We had gone on a couple of dates, made out a few times and had even considered giving our relationship a tag. All of a sudden, we got into a heated argument, to the extent we both felt that this wasn’t going anywhere, so we decided to call it quits.
The first few days were troublesome, but since this wasn’t my first heartbreak, I got over it pretty soon. It was a Friday night, I called up Raman, my best friend and asked him what his plans were. He said he was drinking at some shady bar somewhere in Andheri. I needed to blow off some steam from work and heal my broken heart, so I decided to drown those memories in some alcohol. At first, it was just us. As the night grew darker, new faces joined our table, friends of friends and more. In the middle of all of this, there was this one guy who was leaving our table and for some weird reason, my hand reached out and said ‘Hi’. I’d seen him before but hadn’t spoken to him. A week after, I got a text from him. Assuming that it’d be about work, I replied to him. Gradually, we went from chatting about work to talking about personal stuff. Clearly, he was flirting with me. While I could have turned that down, I admired the fact that he was open about his intentions from the very beginning. Without playing the chase, he asked me out. Jumping too fast into a move? He sure was... But the best part was that he didn’t care about being turned down, and that turned me on! Before mentioning it to Raman, I decided to go out with him once. Since I had never spoken to him, and apart from Raman, we had no mutual friends, there was no way that I could stalk him on Facebook and get any scoop of his personal life. I had to rely on conversation and Facetime.
Internal hooked up with my besties guy friend I decided to go with the flow and we decided to meet at a coffee shop. He seemed reserved at first, but slowly started to open up. Down to earth, humble and clever, I thought to myself that I’d like to see this guy more often. With zero expectations, we went out on a few more dates. On one of our drunk dates, I casually mentioned that we should do breakfast sometime. I didn’t expect that he’d take it seriously. On a Sunday morning, he was up and ready. He even reached the breakfast joint on time. After breakfast, he hinted that we watch a movie at his place. Even though I knew where this was heading, I thought, I won’t over think and just play along. At no point did I think that I wanted to make a move on him. His company entertained me enough. Without telling Raman or any of my friends, I went over. We watched a couple of episodes on Netflix and basically chilled all day. The sunny holiday went by slowly and as time went by, we grew closer. I vaguely remember him putting his arm around me and his other hand intertwined with mine. The room was quiet, the sun was setting and at the spur of the moment, he asked if he could kiss me. In other circumstances, I would shy away. Given the vibe, mood and his company it just felt right. I closed my eyes and pressed my lips against his. The awkwardness of the first kiss was amiss. From passionately making out, he suggested that we move to his bedroom.
That evening, I felt that warm, fuzzy feeling with someone I barely knew. It didn’t feel like lust nor was it a fling. I guess, we were both testing the waters at that moment. After I hooked up with my bestie’s guy friend, I knew things would never be the same again. Our ‘undefined’ relationship is a secret till date.  Neither of us believe in tagging a relationship, so as of now, we’re just going with the flow and taking it one day at a time. *Names changed to protect privacy Images: Shutterstock Have a story you’d like to share? Just drop us an email here with your story – don’t forget to put #MyStory in the subject line. We’ll get back to you about whether we can feature it.