#MyStory: On My Birthday Eve… My Boyfriend Had A Stroke | POPxo

#MyStory: On My Birthday Eve… My Boyfriend Had A Stroke

#MyStory: On My Birthday Eve… My Boyfriend Had A Stroke
It all started when I was casually browsing through a dating app and swiped right on his profile. After all the creepy guys I met, I chanced upon Sumit, this simple guy who hadn’t been in a relationship ever but it just meant we could know each other better without too many expectations. In no time, we became the best of friends and spent a lot of time getting to know each other better.
In about three months, we both knew we’d crossed the friendship zone and developed feelings for each other. He asked me out and I said yes. Everything was going well in our relationship and it was my birthday the next day. I know for a fact that Sumit had planned a lot of things… One of them was a party. I was just getting ready to celebrate with my parents at midnight when at about 10 pm, I received a call from his friend telling me that we had to cancel the plan for the next day, as Sumit was being taken to the hospital. Internal my boyfriend and i became closer My heart sank. At first I thought maybe this was a part of the surprise, but what if it was true? I thought to myself, ‘What do I do at this time of night? How do I leave home? How do I stay home?’ My girlfriends were at my place for a sleepover and they helped me stay calm through the night and his best friend kept me updated about everything. My friends tried celebrating my birthday at night but I just couldn’t help my tears in front of my mother. Next morning, we left for the hospital only to see Sumit in the emergency ward. He had suffered a  stroke and a brain haemorrhage because of which the left side of his body was paralyzed. Even at that point of time Sumit and I knew we were going strong and he, even in his subconscious state, introduced me to his family.
He had to undergo a brain surgery and he was put on a ventilator after. I didn’t leave his side even for a single day. Between all the ups and downs, I think the worst thing to happen was that he couldn’t speak to me for nine days straight. That’s when I realised how important he was in my life, how much I loved him and how scared I was to lose him. I prayed to God every day for his recovery. I was just returning home from the hospital in the evening to clean up when his brother called me. I picked up, and it was him on the line. He told me, ‘My tubes are out, please come and see me, I miss you’. I had tears in my eyes because I was happy to know that he was finally off the ventilator but felt terrible I wasn’t there beside him.   As soon as I reached the hospital he held my hand and told me something I can never forget. He said, ‘You were beside me all through, and that’s the only reason I could recover fast.... I love you so much’. I heard those words after nine long days and it felt so so good.   My boyfriend and I became close because of this incident and made us commit to each other more than ever. What started off as a casual date became the love of my life.
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