#MyStory: How My Boyfriend Dumped Me… On My Birthday! | POPxo

#MyStory: How My Boyfriend Dumped Me… On My Birthday!

#MyStory: How My Boyfriend Dumped Me… On My Birthday!
It was a special day because it was my last exam before I graduated and it was my 21st birthday too. I wanted it to be a grand celebration. My boyfriend had been actively planning everything with me and I was excited to have him by my side to celebrate this day. I got ready in a sexy net and satin white dress, applied my favourite lipstick and wore my favourite pair of nude stilettos. I, along with my roommate reached the venue about ten minutes before everyone else was scheduled to arrive. My boyfriend was supposed to reach before me to check if everything was in place and was set. But I was rather disappointed to not find him at the venue. I was almost always on time, and I expected that he would be too, at least today.  
So I called him to ask where he was. He picked up on the last ring and I was irritated by then. So, I snapped at him saying, ‘Where are you man? It’s getting so late. Why can’t you ever be on time?’ Instead of saying sorry or calming me down, he yelled at me saying he was running late and that’s how he was. Saying this, he disconnected the call and switched off his phone. My friend told me that I had overreacted and it was because I got hyper that he reacted that way. She tried to calm me by saying that he would be there any minute. But I knew my boyfriend and his temper, so I was panicking as to whether or not he will show up. I kept calling him and his phone stayed switched off throughout. A common friend of ours had come to the venue by then. I told him the entire story and he was trying to solve this entire situation. But since even he wasn’t able to reach my boyfriend, I just told my roommate to call off the party and rushed to his place. I got into a cab headed to look for him and reached his house.
Internal he dumped me on my birthday His mother opened the door. She knew me as his friend and she knew he was supposed to be at my birthday party tonight. So, I just told her that his mobile was switched off and I didn't know where to find him so I came to his house to pick him up for the party and everyone else was waiting downstairs (I lied). His mother assured me that he would be there and his phone must have run out of battery. I could not tell her the entire situation and left, disappointed and dejected. He knew I was panicking and wasn't thinking straight but he still decided to do this to me. Finally, after calling him around fifty times, he switched on his phone and took my call. I told him I was waiting near his building and within a few minutes he came to see me. He just told me, ‘I have had enough of you and everything you do. I am done’. I tried apologizing to him and saying that we could work out whatever issues we had but he just didn’t listen. He left, without any explanation. So instead of celebrating my 21st birthday in a club partying, there I was standing in the middle of nowhere crying my lungs out. I didn’t understand what I had done wrong, but it was really hurtful and heartbreaking. I still can’t get over how he dumped me on my birthday over a petty thing and chucked me out of his life like a weed from a farm. I never heard from him again and couldn’t contact him as well. That’s the day I realised no one is more important than you, yourself. I haven’t healed completely, and I still think about him sometimes. It’s a void I am trying to fill.
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