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11 Milestones To Chase In Your 20s (No, Not Getting Married)

11 Milestones To Chase In Your 20s (No, Not Getting Married)
There is no denying that getting married is a wonderful experience. But apart from that, there are some amazing milestones that every girl must add to her bucket list and pursue in her 20s. After all, life is full of experiences and adventures and you can’t afford to miss a single one. Here’s a checklist of milestones to chase and for you to tick off, if you haven't yet. So what are you waiting for? Go, get started!

1. Travelling solo

They say collect moments, not things. What better way to discover the world (and yourself) than by travelling and exploring places solo? If you’re not a fan of traveling alone, then group travels with new people is always a great idea. New places, new people, new culture and, at the end of the journey, a new you. 1 milestones to chase

2. Doing something you’ve always been afraid of

It can be something as drastic as bungee jumping or even something as low-key as crossing the street alone. If it scares you, it’s totally worth facing head on!

3. Pursuing your passion

The twenties is the only phase of life when you’ll have the time and energy to do whatever your heart desires. It can be taking a scuba diving course, art therapy or even something as cliche as learning a new language. Don’t wait for tomorrow - this milestone is something every girl must cross! 3 milestones to chase

4. Adopting a pet and taking care of it

A puppy, a kitten or even a turtle - just adopt a cutesy pet and take good care of it like your own baby. Not only will you become more responsible, but you’ll also always have an awesome friend to give you company at all times.

5. Going on a blind date

You can ask your friends to set you up with a cute guy or just create an account on a dating app yourself - either way, going out on a blind date is a must-do in your 20s. Experiment, meet new people and make new friends. You might just find true love in the process!
5 milestones to chase

6. Figuring out a budget

Now that you’re in your 20s, it makes sense to create a monthly budget for yourself and actually sticking to it. Our suggestion is to create separate categories for socialising, shopping (the most important), and savings!

7. Becoming financially independent

Finding a proper job that you like and start earning money for yourself. Trust us, ‘earning like a boss’ is a super liberating feeling. 7 milestones to chase

8. Giving yourself a complete makeover

Dare to go for a different haircut, try an unconventional lip colour or flaunt the boldest fashion fad in vogue. Just go all out and create some great memories that’ll make you reminisce your crazy 20’s era later on.

9. Learning how to cook a meal on your own

By meal we don’t mean Maggi or buttered toast! We mean cooking a full-fledged meal and maybe even a dessert to follow itup. Oh, the sweet, sweet taste of being an independent girl! 9 milestones to chase

10. Writing a daily diary

This one is easy - just buy a pretty looking journal and make a daily entry about the highlights of every day, monitor your feelings and maybe even list things that you’re grateful for, at the end of each day. The craziest and the most dramatic years of your life would surely make for some exciting memories!

11. Showing compassion

Taking your parents out for dinner with your hard earned salary, saving a part of your monthly earnings for charity or even involving yourself in volunteer work - this is a milestone that all girls and boys must chase during their 20s.
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