10 Makeup Mistakes NO Bride Should Make On Her Wedding Day!

10 Makeup Mistakes NO Bride Should Make On Her Wedding Day!
We've all committed makeup faux pas at some point in time, but that’s how we get to learn and improve our makeup skills, right? However ladies, your wedding is one time when you want to look absolutely flawless and certainly, there is no room for any sort of makeup mistakes. And to ensure that, all you need is this list of common makeup mistakes to avoid and look your gorgeous best on the big day.

1. Forgetting to prep and prime

Prepping and priming your skin to form the perfect canvas for your makeup is rule number 1 in makeup application. Skipping this step would essentially mean jeopardising the entire makeup look. Make sure you buff your skin and use a good primer to make sure your makeup sits well and blends easily. Doing this will mean you having to use lesser product and will help achieve an airbrushed look.

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2. Not moisturising enough

2 makeup mistakes Well kempt skin often absorbs the products better and provides a smooth finish to base makeup. It also prevents makeup from setting into the fine lines of your face and looking patchy. You should never skip moisturising, especially not during your wedding!

3. Applying too little makeup

Be generous in the amount of product you use because you'll need it to last long and photograph well. Applying too little makeup results in it not showing up on camera or making you look washed out! Now that’s not something the bride would want, right?

4. Not using a setting spray/ powder

4 makeup mistakes It makes a world of difference! Use a setting powder followed by a setting spray and watch your makeup stay on miraculously for hours. Even if you use transfer resistant makeup, using a setting spray/ powder really seals in it and makes sure that there are no smudges! This is just what you need for that bridal glow.

5. Using lip gloss

Use a proper lipstick or a lip tint to make sure that the colour payoff and intensity of pigment is maintained throughout the ceremonies. Lip glosses tend to bleed easily and need constant reapplication. Therefore, it’s best that you avoid using one at your wedding!

6. Applying frosty lip/ eye makeup

6 makeup mistakes Best to skip this, especially for your wedding. It tends to dry out your skin/ lips, settles in fine lines and looks OTT very easily. Plus, you never know how it will look on camera, especially when you're wearing a heavy bridal outfit and jewellery.

7. Not defining your brows

This is one step that makes such a big difference that if you do end up skipping it, your makeup will look unfinished and unpolished on D-day. Even if you're sporting a nude look, make sure you define your brows, bride-to-be!

8. Forgetting to apply foundation on your neck

8 makeup mistakes A face full of makeup and a bare neck is quite an eyesore, especially in photographs. Make sure you extend your makeup to your neck as well, to avoid a visible demarcation on your face. This tends to show up more in pictures and under the lights.

9. Not blending well

This is a massive faux pas, regardless of the occasion. You ought not make such a mistake especially on such an important day. Blend, blend, blend. A little bit of blending never hurt anyone! This is the key to an even-toned, flawless look - something you surely want as a bride.

10. Doing heavy eye and lip makeup

10 makeup mistakes Your bridal outfit and jewellery is, in all probability, blingy enough, so go easy on the makeup. Pick between a strong lip or a strong eye look to ensure that it doesn't look OTT. Internal Images: Shutterstock