15 *Real* Struggles Every Girl With Long Hair Will Get!

15 *Real* Struggles Every Girl With Long Hair Will Get!
Sure, your long hair might make you look like a hot pataka, but only a girl like you would know what an actual pain it is to look after it! Sure, it’s something you won’t trade anything in the world for, but you know...there’s a con to every pro! Here are 15 long hair struggles every girl can relate to!

1. Lip gloss, an open car window and your hair left open...has ‘disaster’ written all over it!

Especially when your hair sticks to the lipgloss on your lips! #FML
1 long hair struggles

2. That awkward moment when you and bae get naughty between the sheets and your hair gets trapped underneath a pillow or his arm.

Such a mood killer, no?

3. No point wearing backless dresses and halter tops when your long mane is going to have your back anyway.

And we mean that literally! 3 long hair struggles

4. You’ve spent so much money on bobby pins and hair ties and even then, by the end of the day, you still manage to lose them all!

Those tiny rascals have a knack of vanishing from the face of the earth when you need them the most. Am I right or am I right?

5. Forget splurging on accessories, you spend almost half of your salary on expensive hair conditioners and shampoos.

And you often find yourself thanking your stars for dry shampoo! 5 long hair struggles

6. You feel like you deserve a mini vacation after successfully detangling your long mane.

R.I.P. to the many combs that have given their lives for your hair.

7. When you get out of a shower, you need two towels to keep you dry.

One for your body, and the other one (or two maybe) for your Rapunzel-like-hair.
7 long hair struggles

8. The hashtag #IWokeUpLikeThis was invented for you!

Yep, it’s your favourite selfie caption as well - how else can you explain that bed hair?!

9. You’ve often been embarrassed of handing over something to someone and later spotting your hair strands all over it.

Well, what has been seen, cannot be unseen. 9 long hair struggles

10. You live in constant dilemma about whether to cut your hair or leave it as it is!

Admit it, you’ve never had the heart for cutting your precious locks but the idea still keeps passing through your mind!

11. Whether it’s straightening, curling or blow drying your hair - it takes FOREVER!

This also happens to be your all-time favorite excuse for running late. 11 long hair struggles

12. Getting your hair caught in your jacket zipper or backpack strap makes you go ‘Aargh!’

Ouch, ouch ouch! Only girls who have long hair will really understand this pain.

13. Only you would know how frustrating it feels when you wash your hair and always find that ONE hair strand caught in your butt crack.

Every. Damn. Time! 13 long hair struggles

14. Plaiting your hair gives your arms a mini workout.

Ain’t nobody gonna wanna mess with you ever again!

15. Leaving your hair open while eating can be a messy business.

Getting the food crumbs out of your hair once you’re done eating is the biggest struggle of all. 15 long hair struggles But, you know what? Come what may, you’ll always be a “long hair don’t care” kind of girl. You rock! GIFs: Tumblr