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20 Lifestyle Changes EVERY Girl Should Make In Her 20s!

20 Lifestyle Changes EVERY Girl Should Make In Her 20s!
Young, full of life, passionate, ambitious... And a start to a whole lot of new things! Your 20s have all the elements to make you or break you and that’s why it is also the best time to make a change. Here are a few lifestyle changes to make in your 20s to get you started!

1. Start travelling

Solo or with friends - invest in experiences. Meeting people from different cultures will broaden your horizons - for life. Go beyond the tourist map and discover cafes, stores and parks. Stay at homestays or opt for Couchsurfing and Airbnb. 1 lifestyle changes

2. Make money but take risks

Use this time to go after your passion and see if you can build an empire out of it. Let money be a result of your hard work and not your aim (just yet).

3. Save, save, save

While splurging sounds apt and fun – do it wisely. Set aside some extra cash (no matter how small or big) for a rainy day.

4. Learn to cook

Not to be a pro bahu or wife but for yourself! This skill will come in handy, help save money and keep you healthy as well. 4 lifestyle changes

5. Stay active

You’ve left your teen years behind and age will soon start catching up (it's nature’s rule) so make the most of your lifestyle. It will help you stay healthy. Squeeze some exercise or even better – a good sport like tennis or squash into your schedule.

6. Stop comparing

Let other’s success not be a yardstick to measure how you are faring in life. Appreciate yourself and do whatever is required to achieve what YOU want.

7. Start meditating

It will help cultivate mindfulness and allow you to reflect and focus on the more important goals in life. 7 lifestyle changes

8. Start a habit

This could be anything from writing a blog or reading a book or listening to music. Anything that allows you to separate yourself from the daily trials of life.

9. Get involved

With an NGO, meetup or organization that does genuine, meaningful work for causes. Make a difference. You’ll learn a lot about yourself through this.

10. Switch to a healthy diet

Don’t do crash diets – they never work and will make you weak in the long run. Go for healthier foods instead. Make conscious food and beverage decisions. 10 lifestyle changes

11. Take care of your hair, skin and teeth

Protect them from damage as they will start showing the signs of ageing soon. Get a hair spa done, floss well and wear sunscreen - always!

12. Be less dependent on gadgets  

Learn to put your phone or tablet down and make real human connections. You'll notice things you never noticed before!

13. Set your standards

Don’t fall victim to the charms of those who end up milking you. Be cautious and learn from your mistakes. Trust your instincts about people! 13 lifestyle changes

14. Forgive and forget

Accept that there are things beyond your control. Don’t let them make you bitter!

15. Stay away from drama

And those who cause it. Cut off people and situations that drain you of your energy. Rather spend it on something productive that'll help you grow.

16. Be less busy

And more productive. Learn time management and other skills required to do your work in less time. Learn to prioritize!
16 lifestyle changes

17. Appreciate true friendship

Good friends are hard to find and harder to keep – make sure you invest time with the genuine ones and be there for them in good times and bad ones. They will be there for yours.

18. Slow down

While you are busy making money and focusing on your career, speed down a bit every now and then. Take a break and smell the roses. Live life at your own pace!

19. Have fun for free

Having a good time shouldn’t be about expensive things all the time. A simple cup of chai at a friend’s house should be good too. Learn to enjoy the little moments. 19 lifestyle changes

20. Remember family time

Don’t compromise on spending time with your family. Be there for them. Because they love you and will always be there for you as well. GIFs: Giphy