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10 Bra Hacks That’ll Make Your Life So. Damn. Easy!

10 Bra Hacks That’ll Make Your Life So. Damn. Easy!
Girls, we ALL have a love hate relationship with our bras, don’t we? While wearing them is something we hate at times, we absolutely can’t do without them either! So to make life so much easier, here are 10 awesome life changing bra hacks for every girl… Because we didn’t choose the bra life, the bra life chose us!  

1. DIY strap extension for low back tops and dresses

Instead of splurging on a complicated bra to wear with those low-back tops and dress in your closet, go for bra extender straps and attach them to your bra to transform a regular bra into a low back bra in an instant! How cool!

2. Use a paperclip to make your own racerback bra  

2 life changing bra hacks Don’t you hate your bra straps popping out of those racerback tops? Well don’t go spend your money on a special racerback bra just yet, make your own one instead! Use a paperclip or a bra clip and clip your bra straps from the back to convert a regular bra into a racerback one. Save that moolah for a 12 inch pizza!    

3. Use them old bras with tube dresses  

Have a lot of old bras lying in your closet? Don’t throw them away! Use the cups of these old bras and stitch them into backless and tube dresses for in-built support! You won’t have to worry about slipping bra straps ever again. Woohoo!    

4. Use detachable bra straps to keep a strapless bra from falling  

4 life changing bra hacks .jpg No matter what the size of your bust, to make a strapless bra stay in it’s place is always a struggle! To keep those strapless bras from slipping, use a detachable strap and create support under your bust to make the bra stay in its place. Hook into one side, wrap it around under your bust and secure it into the other side. It’s that easy! Watch how it’s done here.    

5. Store bras with both cups open, always!

Quite sure that most of us are making this mistake of storing our bras by folding one cup on top of the other. This will cause bumps in the bra pads and shorten their lifespan. Storing bras with both cups open (you can pile them on top of each other) will ensure that your bras last longer.

6. Don’t kill your bras in transit

6 life changing bra hacks Image: Shutterstock Traveling often results in crushed bra pads! To increase the lifespan of your precious bras, store them in a nice bra case to keep the pads from breaking.

7. Put an end to slipping bra straps!  

We’ve all experienced annoying bra straps that keep slipping down our shoulders inappropriately. We don’t want our bra to say hello to the world when we least expect it, right? Simply sew clasp buttons inside the shoulder area of the top to keep the straps from showing or slipping down!

8. Always hand wash!

8 life changing bra hacks Image: Shutterstock Bras need extra care while washing. These sensitive babies should never go into the machine! Girls, always hand wash your bras to increase their shelf life. Wash them with gentle detergent and lukewarm water so they don’t get ruined too fast.

9. Test the fit of your bra in second!

Tried on a bra but not sure if it’s the perfect size? Try fitting two fingers under the back strap, if they don’t fit, the bra is too tight for you! To ensure the bra isn’t too loose, try fitting your fist in the back strap. If it fits, the bra is too loose for you, girl! And that’s how you can check the fit of your bra in an instant!

10. Fix that poking underwire!

10 life changing bra hacks Image: Shutterstock If you have a bra that is in a perfect condition yet has that annoying underwire poking out of it, we’ve got an easy fix for you. All you need is a pair of scissors and some doctor tape. First push the pokey underwire back into it’s place and then tape it with doctor tape to ensure it doesn’t come out again. Tada! You just saved a bra! Featured Image: Shutterstock