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10 Kurta Mistakes You Had NO Idea You Were Making!

10 Kurta Mistakes You Had NO Idea You Were Making!
We love wearing Indian wear, but did you ever imagine that there were some kurta mistakes you had no idea you were making that were dulling down your entire ensemble. Here are some tips to help you up your kurta game, so that you shine bright and beautiful!

1. Not choosing the right fabric

1 kurta mistakes Picking the right fabric is where it all starts. Select the right one according to the occasion, the weather and even your body type. For a slightly festive occasion you might want to wear flowy fabrics such as chiffons, satins etc and for everyday wear, something like a cotton or a georgette. Synthetic fabrics like polyester are best avoided, girls.

2. Dressing according to your body type

Work your way around dressing to a particular trend, even if you think it’s not made for your body type. If you have a curvy figure and you want to wear a short kurti with a fitted pair of bottoms, add another dimension to your outfit. Put on an ethnic waistcoat or a shrug to divert the attention away. And if you’re lean and petite, opt for a kurta with long, exaggerated sleeves.

3. Wearing too much bling

3 kurta mistakes Balance is the word you’re looking for when it comes to accessorizing with jewellery. If you’re wearing a kurta with blingy elements, you must keep your accessories sombre and subtle. And in case you’re wearing a plain and solid coloured kurta, top it up with statement jewellery!

4. Opting for an unflattering length

This is the most common mistake girls make while wearing a kurta. Not knowing what the right length is...according to your height. Be it a length that is above the knee, just below it or touching the calves. Girls, just keep in mind that long kurtas look great on tall women and shorter ones on short women.

5. Innerwear woes

5 kurta mistakes Contrast coloured bras are a big no-no, ladies! They never look good. If you’re wearing one of your favourite chikankari kurtas or anything that’s even slightly see-through, opt for a beige or skin coloured bra. And if you’re wearing something silky and flowing, definitely wear a slightly padded bra or a T-shirt bra, because you want it to fall well and give you a smooth silhouette.

6. The right sleeve length

If you have heavy arms, try to wear sleeves that will not highlight your problem areas. Three-quarter sleeves and half sleeves will work in your favour. Decide between what kind of sleeve to opt for - a mega sleeve, a bat sleeve or bell sleeves if you want to cover up heavy arms in style and add an interesting silhouette to your outfit.

7. Size matters

7 kurta mistakes You’ve got to know your size right, girls. Because there’s nothing that looks more shoddy than an ill-fitting kurta. Sizes vary with brands, so it’s a must that you always try the piece before you purchase it. If you’re shopping online, don’t make the mistake of buying a kurta if you’re unsure about the size.

8. Inner lining issues

Usually, most of us get an attached lining stitched for our kurtas, which a lot of times are loose or too tight and can ultimately ruin your look. To avoid this, we suggest you get a lining separately stitched. This makes your kurta fall better and will make you look more put together.

9. Darts and stitches

9 kurta mistakes What’s a kurta that doesn’t nip in and fit you well where it should? Adding darts to your kurta will give it a great shape, fit and also make you look curvy. But remember, your dart shouldn’t extend up to your boobs at any cost! It might have been a trend in the 80s but isn’t anymore!

10. Neckline worries

We don’t pay enough attention to this often but it’s true that your neckline has a big impact on your outfit. Choosing the right neckline should be a decision that entails your chest size, your comfort level to show skin, and the type of fabric you’re wearing. If you’re opting for a deep neck, keep the embroidery and other detailing around it simple. The main thing is to be comfortable with your neckline. Internal Images: Shutterstock