How To Apply Kajal Without Making The Common Application Mistakes?

How To Apply Kajal Without Making The Common Application Mistakes?
It takes time to apply kajal like a pro and the correct application can make your eyes look bigger and beautiful. But, all of us are guilty of making some or the other mistake while applying kajal. Yes, you’d be surprised to know that you could be applying your fave makeup wonder wrong! While there are a lot of ways when it comes to ‘how to apply kajal easily’, there are as many mistakes you make when applying it. So here are some kajal mistakes you could be guilty of committing unknowingly. It’s better late than never to fix those mistakes so start taking note, ladies!

Kajal Mistakes That You Need To Stop Making Right Now!

It’s better to be late than never! Read on to check whether you’re doing justice to your eyes with that extra black stick of kajal!

1. Applying It Incorrectly

1 kajal mistakes Yes ladies, there are different ways to apply kajal. It’s advised for you to apply kajal starting from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner. Gently pull down the under eye area ever so slightly and apply the kajal in short strokes so that the line doesn’t get uneven.

2. Smudging The Kajal When You Have Under Eye Circles

Smudging sure does give your eyes a sexy and smokey look. But if dark circles are a problem you’re only too familiar with, then it’s better not to smudge as you’ll be a victim of panda eyes. Smudging your kajal will enhance those under eye circles, making your entire eye area look darker. Smudging is definitely not the answer for how to apply kajal like Kareena Kapoor.

3. Using Only Bright Colours

3 kajal mistakes It’s best for you to choose shades that compliment the colour of your eyes. Wearing blue or pink coloured kajal may make your eyes look weird and there are chances that the shade won’t suit you. If you have to use a coloured kajal, why not pair it up with your usual black coloured kajal and step out with a new look?!

4. Thick Lines On Small Eyes

If you have small or hooded eyes, don’t make the mistake of going overboard with your kajal. A thick line on your lower and upper lash lines will make your eyes look smaller as more than half of the eye area is covered by thick black lines. You can even google tutorials for how to apply kajal on upper waterline. This gives the illusion of smaller eyes and we bet you want to make your eyes look bigger and not otherwise.

5. Not Sharpening Your Pencil

5 kajal mistakes Girls, this is a mistake most of us make, especially when we’re in a hurry. A blunt kajal pencil won’t give you the desired look. Instead, you’ll end up with an unkempt look with uneven lines on your eyes. Make sure you sharpen your kajal so that you can apply a nice, fine line on your eyelids.

6. Going Black During The Day

Sure, all of us love black when it comes to kajal but it might be a bit too harsh for daytime. Instead, opt for shades like browns which will not only complement your skin tone but also give you a subtle look.

7. Stretching Your Eyelids

7 kajal mistakes Us girls try to stretch the area around our eyes so that we get a good grip and the kajal glides on smoothly. Don’t we all do this? But because of this habit, the kajal actually tends to get slightly uneven and the line turns out to be shorter than we expected it to be. Also, stretching your eyelids like that on a daily basis can lead to wrinkles around that area. What you should do instead, is look down on the mirror so can close your eyes a bit and see what you’re doing at the same time.

8. Using Dry Pencils

A dry kajal pencil will tug at your eyes and not come on smoothly. It will end up giving you an untidy and even look which is something you definitely don’t want. Instead, choose a creamy kajal that glides on smoothly and gives your eyes an even finish. Or if you’re too short for time, you can even look up how to apply kajal with fingers and go all natural!

9. Applying It Only On The Lower Waterline

9 kajal mistakes Applying kajal only on your lower waterline gives your eyes an incomplete look. Most girls think that it’s enough to apply a thick coat of kajal on the lower lash line but it’s not. To accentuate your eyes well, you need to complete the look and apply the kajal on your upper lash line as well. This may be a bit tricky to do at first, but all it takes is a bit of practice to get the hang of it.

10. Using Unbranded Kajal

Unbranded kajal pencils might be inexpensive but can be harmful to the eyes as they are usually made of cheap products. They might also consist of products that can harm your eyes. Always make sure to opt for a branded kajal pencil. Currently, we are in love with this fab kajal that glides oh-so-smoothly and gives your eyes a perfect finish!

How To Apply Kajal Correctly

Wondering how exactly to work on your kajal now that you’ve gotten rid of the above bad habits? Read on to find out!

Prep Your Eyes

Yes, your eyes require prepping even when it’s just kajal that you’re applying. So clean them and make sure they are free of any excess dirt or oil. You can also dab on some concealer if you’ve got a case of dark circles. Not only will this prevent the kajal from smudging, but it will also make sure that it lasts longer than usual.

Start With Lower Waterline

Now that your eyes are all ready, you can move ahead and grab that kajal stick. Start with your lower waterline and glide it effortlessly until the entire portion is covered.

Do The Upper Waterline

Repeat the same steps with upper waterline and you’re good to go! This would also make your eyes look bigger! You can even explore how to apply kajal for small eyes for extra tips!

Finish With Mascara

Finish it off with a generous dab of mascara and you’re ready with an alluring set of doe eyes! Once you get the hang of it, there is no stopping you from looking your absolute best, so go ahead and glide that kajal pencil the right way! Internal Images: Shutterstock This story was updated in March 2019.