20 Seduction Moves That Will Make Him Go Wild!

20 Seduction Moves That Will Make Him Go Wild!

What can be hotter than having the power to seduce your man? If just one flick of your hair leaves him wanting more, then have you ever wondered what some other thought-out moves could do? Here are 10 moves to seduce your guy that will make you absolutely irresistible in his eyes!

1. Initiate things

It’s always a good idea to initiate things in the bedroom. Men dig seeing a bit of the ‘bad girl’ in their girlfriends. So take his hand and lead him into the bedroom. Or be the first one to ask him to come back home with you, if he is the one who generally plays this part. Who knows, a little role reversal might show you a new side of yourself!

1 moves to seduce your guy

2. Tease him

It's common knowledge that most men love a good tease! Go up to him, plant a kiss on his mouth and then back off. Do this multiple times. Make him want you. Create a playful environment, though, so as to not confuse him about what’s happening.

3. Give him a sneak peek

Wear something that isn’t quite out there but which also gives him a little peek into what he could be getting to play with later that night. Little things work too - like leaving one extra button to your shirt open! You can even try joining him in the shower with just a plain white t-shirt on… There couldn’t be a better sneak peek than that!!

3 moves to seduce your guy

4. Get food into play

It really doesn’t have to be messy. You could just bite on your strawberry a little more seductively or take the whipped cream off your coffee and lick it off your fingers. That almost always works wonders!

5. Go commando and make sure he knows

On your next dinner date, don’t wear underwear and while you’re still eating, tell him that in a whisper. Trust us, he won’t be able to focus on anything other that getting your alone after that!

5 moves to seduce your guy

6. Blindfold him

If you’re not afraid to try something new then go ahead and blindfold him. Use his tie or a clean handkerchief. Then take his hands and wrap them around your waist before giving him a long deep kiss.

7. Bite your lower lip

What you do with your lips can really affect what he’s thinking. For example, if you just lightly bite your lower while the two of you are conversing, he might not immediately notice it but that little gesture will stay on his mind for the rest of the evening!

7 moves to seduce your guy

8. Always smell like a dream

There is nothing more sexy to a man than a woman who just smells great. Don’t overdo it, though. Just a few good sprays (from a bit further away) of your best perfume should be good enough to get his olfactory senses up and running.

9. Get that mood music going

The ambience, of course, is super important! Get some romantic but sexy music playing as he enters the room. Move a little to the tune and maybe ask him to join you? Dance is one of the sexiest forms of foreplay in this world, after all!

9 moves to seduce your guy

10. Contour your cleavage

Put your makeup skills to use, girls. Contour and highlight your cleavage to get the best results! This little effort will definitely get you some of that extra attention you totally deserve!

11. Give The ‘No Hands Rule’ A Try


Part of a great chemistry between you and your partner is all about spontaneity. So why don’t you give the “No Hands Rule” a try? Simply make a rule that he’s not allowed to put his hands on you, and then you go about kissing him. Trust us, he won’t be able to resist you for long!

12. Build Up The Excitement Through Text 

While bedroom tricks are great on their own, it’s also a good idea for you to build up some excitement for what’s about to come through text messages.Texting is a powerful weapon when it comes to seducing your man. How? All you need to do is to drop him a text about what all the things he could expect in the evening, and he won’t be able to wait to get his hands on you!

13. Take Him Shopping!


No, we’re not talking about the conventional shopping trip that your guy would probably not prefer joining you in. When we ask you to take him shopping with you, we’re talking about lingerie shopping! Ask him what he’d want to see you in, it will definitely build up excitement later!

14. Surprise Him!

An element of surprise never fails to spice up some action between the sheets. This would work especially if you’re in a long-term relationship, since he’s probably used to seeing you in a messy bun and your loyal pyjamas. So give him a surprise the next time he comes over to see you. Put on a sexy outfit, put some makeup, and let your hair loose and make him feel like you’ve made an effort just for him! This will definitely turn him on!

15. Take A Shower Together

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Now this sexy little move works best when he least expects it. So surprise him by sneaking into the bathroom when he’s taking a shower on his own. This is bound to raise the temperature for the both of you!

16. Give Him A Massage

Now your man may not ask you outrightly to give him a massage, but trust us, there is no way he wouldn’t appreciate it if you became his personal masseuse! Get him to lie on the bed and then give him a long massage. Introduce some oils into the picture and make sure to touch his sensitive zones. Bonus tip: pepper him with light kisses here and there and build up the excitement!


17. Indulge In Some Roleplay

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Take it from us, guys love indulging in some roleplay every now and then. So dress up as his favourite female character and surprise him by giving a great acting performance (complete with costumes and everything). So bring out those acting skills and get set to woo him, ladies! 

18. Play Strip Poker

Now this is one is for the couples who’ve been together for sometime and are perfectly comfortable in each other’s company. If you don’t know the rules already, the one who loses at each deal takes off an item of their clothing. So make sure that you lose first before you start winning the game! *wink*

19. Touch Him In Public

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There is something about doing ‘the act’ in a public place that makes it daring and irresistibly sexy. Now we’re not suggesting you to go all Christian Grey on him, but you can definitely go for some far subtler options! You can try grazing his leg with your bare feet, or maybe softly touch him under the table. These small hints are enough to make him restless for the two of you to get home and be alone (if you know what we mean)!

20. Bring In Some Goodies

It never hurts to experiment and try new things if the two of you are comfortable with each other. So bring some spontaneity in your sex life by introducing some goodies. We’re talking handcuffs, blindfolds, and some other sex games the two of you can play. Trust us, the very idea would be enough to get him interested! (*wink*)

So now that you have our list of favourite moves to seduce your guy with, what are you waiting for?

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