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Everything You Need To Know Before Using A Tampon

Everything You Need To Know Before Using A Tampon
There are various kinds of products available to take care of women’s hygiene during menstruation. Though, in India, pads are the most common, they are not the only option. Tampons are one of the many options. If you, like many others, are intimidated by them and are wondering how effective and safe they really are, then here are 11 things to know about tampons before you use them!

1. There are two basic types of tampons

1 things to know about tampons There are, generally speaking, two basic kinds of tampons - with an applicator and without an applicator. When you first start using tampons, it is advisable to use the ones with an applicator. However, you should try both kinds before deciding which one suits you best.

2. There are different types for different flows

You don’t have to worry about whether or not the tampon can handle the flow of your periods. You get different tampons for heavy, medium and low flow which are easily available and you can choose accordingly.

3. They don’t make you feel uncomfortable

3 things to know about tampons Contrary to popular belief, tampons don’t leave you feeling uncomfortable. As long as they are inserted properly, you will not feel anything - even the first time that you wear a tampon!

4. Tampons don’t go in your urethra

If you are still confused about where exactly does the tampon go, then it’s time to clear it up once and for all. It doesn’t go in your urethra, if it did, you’d be peeing all over it. Instead, it goes in your vaginal opening.

5. You can swim wearing a tampon

5 things to know about tampons Unlike sanitary napkins, tampons can actually withstand water. So, in case you are planning to take a trip to the beach, tampons are there to rescue you!

6. They don’t just ‘slip out’

Again, as long as your tampon is inserted properly, it won’t just slip out. If you feel like it is slipping out, it is either because it was never placed properly or it needs to be changed. But, generally, your tampon won’t just fall out. If you want to remove it, you can simply relax your muscles and tug at the string provided.

7. They don’t get lost inside you

7 things to know about tampons No, the tampon will not get lost inside your vagina. First, your cervix is too small to fit an entire tampon and second, the vaginal walls are strong enough to hold the tampon in its place.

8. Wearing tampons doesn’t make you lose your virginity

‘Virginity’ in its basic sense is lost when you have sex. The hymen on the other hand, is a very thin layer which can be ruptured for various reasons. So, if this is a myth that you’ve heard about, then know that it’s absolutely false.

9. They can actually prevent staining

9 things to know about tampons That’s right! Tampons are actually better at preventing stains than any other form of menstrual hygiene products. That is also the reason why many sports women prefer tampons over other products.

10. They should be changed maximum every 6-8 hours

This, of course, depends on your flow. If you have heavy flow, then you probably need to change your tampon every 2-3 hours, just like a pad. In any case, tampons should be changed every 6-8 hours.

11. Toxic Shock Syndrome is a risk

11 things to know about tampons If you’ve heard about Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) and how wearing tampons can cause it, then you should know that it’s true. TSS can be caused because of leaving a soiled tampon in for too long. That is why it is important to change your tampons from time to time. However, for every 100,000 women who use tampons only 3-4 will develop TSS in a year. Images: Shutterstock