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What Happened When I Got Drunk… And Kissed My Guy Bestie!!

What Happened When I Got Drunk… And Kissed My Guy Bestie!!
If there was one guy who made me feel special in everything that I did, it was my guy bestie. Of all the men I’ve dated, I got along with Ayush the most. He was funny, charming and extremely witty. The only downside was that I wasn’t attracted to him in ‘that’ way. For some strange reason, every guy that I dated, wanted me to cut off from him. Our tight bond stirred jealousy. Even my girlfriends told me that if I connect with him so well, I should give the relationship a shot. It’s just that... I didn’t feel that way about him. Even though he hadn’t confessed it to me, his actions made his love for me evident. The way he treated me, the way he cared about me - all these little things made me conclude that he probably had a thing for me. At some point, we even joked about dating each other, but, we made sure that it stayed as a joke.
Two years ago, I was in a relationship with a guy from my class. He was everything that I wanted in a guy. He was hot, clever and had quite a sense of humour. My dream man, but sadly not for long… After college, he moved to London and living in different time zones and lifestyles took a toll on our relationship. We started fighting a lot and wouldn’t talk to each other for days. And slowly, the distance grew stronger and it became impossible to keep the relationship alive. While all this was happening, Ayush was my only constant support. Whenever I felt lonely, I knew his voice would cheer me up. When I needed a bear hug, I knew his was the best. When I need to pour my heart out to someone, he patiently heard me out. Just after he got to know about my breakup, he called me up, told me to stop sulking and asked me to pack my bags for a mini break to Goa. Internal kissed my guy bestie Making an attempt to get over my past, I went ahead with Ayush’s plan. We travelled with three other college friends. The trip felt like a mini reunion. Lot’s of catching up, sightseeing and non-stop laughing - our trip turned out to be epic!
We stayed at a tiny villa at Palolem beach, South Goa. The view was fantastic and the vibe was relaxing. During that one week, I read, met new faces and partied practically every other night. At one of those parties, my life changed… Around 2:30am, I found myself more drunk than usual. Not just me, but the everyone in the group was quite high (including Ayush). Going back to Mumbai meant like going back to square one. Those memories of my ex and gloomy thoughts would come back to haunt me. I didn’t want the trip to end. I sat in the balcony, sparked a smoke and blankly stared at the waves. I felt a hand tap on my shoulder. It was Ayush! Without saying another word, I hugged him. His arms became my comfort place. For that time, that moment, things felt just so right and good. Just when I was about to let go, his grip got firmer and as I looked into his eyes, his lips touched mine. For a second, I zoned out, I had convinced myself that I wasn’t attracted to him, but this! This felt different. This felt… Perfect! I could not believe that I had kissed my guy bestie! I woke up in his bed the next morning. Not only did Ayush make me breakfast, but also didn’t mention a thing that happened last night. My heart kept racing and it felt really awkward, but all of it melted away when he held my hand and smiled.
I got to know two things during that trip - first, love comes without a warning, and second, a perfect friendship forms the foundation of a great relationship. I returned to my city with a new love, a new quest and a new beginning… *Names changed to protect privacy.