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I Told My Mom I Was Having Sex… By Mistake!!

I Told My Mom I Was Having Sex… By Mistake!!

It had become a routine to sit together on Saturday mornings and discuss our plans for the weekend. My mom was having her afternoon tea and I’d just woken up after a heavy Friday night. This is how the conversation went: ME (bleary eyed and sleepy): Mom! My geyser hasn’t been working. MOM: Okay, I’ll call the plumber. What’s your plan for today ? ME: Ugh! I have a lot to do. I need to clean my room and rearrange my closet. Then I have an appointment with my gynaecologist at four, and after that I might hit the gym.
MOM: Why do you have an appointment with the gynaecologist? ME: Oh, nothing serious. Last time I visited her, she said that I have a fungal infection. She said it was common, but I should get it checked routinely. Nothing to worry about. MOM (curtly): A fungal infection? Aashka, you have a fungal infection ? ME: Yeah, that’s what she told me. MOM: Girls only get fungal infections once they’ve have sex. Aashka! Have you had SEX? ME (no longer sleepy): Uh… told my mom i was having sex MOM: Aashka? ME: Umm... MOM: But you’re so young… ME: Mom, I’m 21, I’ve been with him for 3 years - isn’t it better that your daughter isn’t sleeping around with a lot a people and just the one? MOM (teary): But you’re so young! For the next ten minutes, I sat next to her helplessly while she tried to calm herself down. * Name changed to protect privacy. Images: Shutterstock
Published on Feb 16, 2017
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