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10 Ways To Show Him You Like Him (Without Saying ‘I Like You’)

10 Ways To Show Him You Like Him (Without Saying ‘I Like You’)
Wondering how to tell the man of your dreams that you can’t stop thinking about him? It is quite a tough task. What are you supposed to say and more importantly, how do you say it? Well, we’ve figured out a few ways to tell a guy you like him, without even approaching him. And yes, we’re spilling the beans - let’s get started!

1. Smile when he looks at you

If you guys hang out in the same group or you see him everyday in college or at work, then make sure you show him your pearly whites whenever he looks at you. Not in a creepy way, of course, but in a simple sweet way that shows him you’re interested. 1 tell a guy you like him

2. Innocent touching!

You don’t actually have to approach the guy to make him feel you, you know? Just a little touch of the hand while you’re crossing each other's paths will do.

3. Be chirpy when he’s around

Don’t be a sourpuss every time he is around. It’s human nature to be attracted to people who look more happy. So smile, laugh, joke about things… basically, don’t be super grumpy when you are around him. 3 tell a guy you like him

4. Don’t stick to your girl gang

Even though it might seem like a good idea to hang out with your girl gang and show him how popular you are, it might just end up intimidating him. So, if you two are at the same party or are hanging out together, spend some time away from your girlies. Basically giving him the chance to come up and talk to you. But make sure he has a clear view of you standing or sitting alone!

5. Ask your friends to do the deed

In case you can’t get away from your girlfriends, make use of their gossiping skills. Get them to go up to him and drop hints. This always leaves you with the choice to hold your head high and say they were just kidding in case he doesn’t seem as interested!
5 tell a guy you like him

6. Or talk to his friends!

And if you are on talking terms with any of his friends then that’s even better! They can drop hints at a personal level and he doesn’t even have to know that you told them!

7. Use social media

Don’t go on an all out stalk mode but use social media to like his status updates or pictures just so he is aware of your existence and the fact that you are very very aware of his! 7 tell a guy you like him

8. Let him find out about your parties

If you’re getting a couple of friends together or throwing a party, let him find out about it. You might have to invite his friends or some other unwanted people but, hey, if that ends up with him at your place then who cares, right?

9. Make lingering eye contact

Make eye contact that’s just a little bit longer than usual. This would show him that you’re interested and even encourage him to make the first move. A win-win situation! 9 tell a guy you like him

10. Cheer him on

If he is into any kind of extra-curricular activities then make sure you are at every event that you can make it to! His sports matches or his drama plays, go wherever you can to show support. It’s a sure shot way to make sure he notices you!
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