10 Subtle Ways To Show Off A Bit Of That *Gorgeous* Bra!

10 Subtle Ways To Show Off A Bit Of That *Gorgeous* Bra!
Ladies, we spend so much money on cute bras, why not use them to make a statement that is stylish and tasteful? Some tops and dresses that have interesting backs and droopy shoulders give us a chance to show off a sexy bra. It’s a new trend that we really want to get on board with. Plus, we all deserve a break from uncomfy strapless bras and transparent straps. Here are 10 easy ways to show off your bra without looking scandalous or making it too obvious! Get your sexy mode on!

1. Pair A Cute Bra With A Sheer Top!

1 show off your bra The best way to flaunt a super cute bra is by pairing it with a slightly sheer top that complements the bra! Go for sheer tops with embellishments and pair them with a bra in a bold colour that goes well with them. Steer clear of bras that are too lacy and stick to plain colours and minimal prints. POPxo Recommends: Multicolour T-Shirt Bra (Rs 895)   

2. Use The Sexy Back Bra

2 show off your bra Bras with sexy backs don’t seem to be going out of style anytime soon. Pair these bras with all those backless and halter dresses in your closet. Choose bras with elaborate back designs and you’ll up your style game in no time! POPxo Recommends: Padded Moulded Bra (Rs 1,495)

3. Wear It As A Top!

3 show off your bra Image: Sonam Kapoor on Instagram Bralettes are all the rage right now. There are some bralettes that are so pretty that they can actually be worn as tops! Well, why not try doing that? Wear a bralette with a broad strap as a top with high waist skirts and pants and you’re sure to make a few heads turn. You can layer up by wearing a jacket or shrug if you don’t feel too comfortable wearing it just as it is. POPxo Recommends: White Lace Bralette (Rs 454)

4. Or As A Saree Blouse!

4 show off your bra Add a trendy touch to any saree by wearing a bralette or a full coverage bra as a saree blouse! There are SO many cute bras out there that can easily pass off as crop tops. Why not give them a chance?  
POPxo Recommends: White Lace Bralette (Rs 479)

5. The Strap Game

5 show off your bra Showing off your bra strap can be fun sometimes. Wearing contrast coloured bras with boatneck and off shoulder tops is a great way to add colour to your outfit and not look scandalous at all! Go for bras with thin straps or choose fancy detachable straps to perk up your look! POPxo Recommends: Lace Longline Bra (Rs 1,295)

6. Experiment With The Armholes

6 show off your bra Tops and dresses with big armholes often leave us confused about what bra should be worn underneath them. A pretty longline bra in a matching colour or a cute print that goes with your outfit is a good way to elevate your look and use those armholes!  POPxo Recommends: Underwired Longline Bra (Rs 671)

7. Play With Deep Necklines!

7 show off your bra You can use plunge neck tops to show off a hint of a pretty bra! Choose bras with the same neckline as your top. A wrap top with a V-neck bra showing on top can look really good! Experiment with colours and patterns to up your glam quotient! POPxo Recommends: Strapless Convertible Bra (Rs 899)

8. Wear A Backless Top With A Front Closing Bra

8 show off your bra Now that’s a no brainer! A front closing bra with a lacy back will surely look awesome when paired with a backless or low back dress. Isn’t this such a cool way of skipping those transparent back straps that often look a little tacky?   
POPxo Recommends: Royal Blue Front Open Bra (Rs 1,295)

9. Bright Coloured Sports Bras With Tank Tops!

9 show off your bra Image: Shutterstock Time to make heads turn in your gym wear too! Wearing a racerback sports bra with a tank top is a subtle way of adding a sexy touch to your gym wear. Go for bright coloured bras like pink or green and pair them with a basic coloured tank top to nail this look!   POPxo Recommends: Sea Green Sports Bra (Rs 786)

10. Undo a button to show off that lacy bra!

10 show off your bra Wearing a lacy bra and want to show it off without looking scandalous? All you have to do is undo an extra button of your shirt just enough to show the lacy part of the bra without showing the skin below. Who knows if what they’re seeing is a lacy bodysuit or a camisole? POPxo Recommends: Peach Lace Padded Bra (Rs 806) Go ahead and show off all those sexy bras in your closet!