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10 *Subtle* Ways To Get Him To Make The ‘First Move’

10 *Subtle* Ways To Get Him To Make The ‘First Move’
Is there a guy you like wayyy too much but you just can’t muster the courage to tell him about your feelings?? Well, if you’re a bit shy and can’t tell your crush how you feel, here’s how to get the guy to make the first move, without being too obvious!

1. A ‘lonely’ drive

Suggest the idea of a long drive to him - it’ll give you both some alone time. Touch his arm while talking, ask him some naughty but unintrusive questions for fun. And then tell him to park at a cute make-out spot and just wait for him to make his move! 1 get the guy to make the first move

2. Watch a scary movie

Netflix and...cuddle him tightly! Because what’s a better opportunity to cuddle him than when you’re watching a scary movie, right? He’ll get the hint, trust us!

3. Eye contact that lasts longer than usual

Look into his eyes with an intense gaze. It could be over coffee, dinner or even just while taking a walk with him. A gaze that speaks more than words can make his toes curl! 3 get the guy to make the first move

4. Show him your feminine side

You might be an independent, carefree woman but if you want him to make the first move...you must show him your vulnerable side too. A guy can be attracted to your looks but he won't fall for you if you he doesn't know the deeper things about you.

5. A subtle double date with his bestie and his girlfriend

Because what more perfect that bro time plus girl time?! He will not want to leave your side even after his friends leave! (Especially after his friends leave!) 5 get the guy to make the first move

6. A conversation about making the first move

Sometime the best hint it to say it out loud. Just a general conversation about relationships and how couples make the first move... He might have just been waiting for you to say something along those lines!

7. Seduction over dinner

A little hand holding, some footsie under the table and savouring your food with your tongue a little more than usual... This date has all the makings of one that ends in the hottest, movie-type kiss!
7 get the guy to make the first move

8. Dirty dancing

Going clubbing together? Make the most of it and give him an unexpected lap dance or just show him some really sexy moves because he is going to be thinking about it... A LOT.

9. Drunk calls

Give him a call when you’re drunk and show him some love! Talk cute to him, laugh at his jokes for no reason and just make him feel like he’s important to you. 9 get the guy to make the first move

10. Take some help from him

Ask him to help you with things...be it solving a problem at work, a subject he’s good at, or even just helping you carry some heavy luggage. Show him that you he makes life easier and better for your and he’ll surely make the first move in no time! So ladies, what are you waiting for? Get started! GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr