15 *Adorable* First Valentine Day Ideas For Husband

15 *Adorable* First Valentine Day Ideas For Husband
This story was updated in January 2019. Newly married, valentine's day is around the corner and love is in the air seems like an ideal situation, right? Your first year of marriage is like a year-long honeymoon with 14th of February being the mushiest day. And your first Valentine after wedding is bound to be super romantic. It’ll be a day that you’ll remember for the rest of your life, for that one obviously need some Valentine day ideas for husband and we are here to help you all in such situations.

First Valentine Day Ideas For Husband

Here are 15 super adorable and romantic first valentine day ideas to make the day special for your husband.

1. Make A Wish List

Now this is super cute. You both get to make a wish list of how you’d like to spend Valentine’s or what you’d like to receive as a gift. It could even include an idea or experience you’d always dreamt of sharing with your hubby. Exchange the lists a week in advance and each one of you should make at least one wish of their partner come true. 1 first valentines after marriage 1

2. A Staycation Is Ideal

Take time out from all those first-year functions and family dinners and spend Valentine’s away from home. And a staycation seems ideal. Book a fancy resort/hotel in or around your city and get away from home for a day or two. A dip in the pool, sangrias to go with it, a fancy dinner and some romantic time later at night… perfect.

3. 24 Hours, 24 Surprises

If a new surprise every hour of the day seems too much, make it every 2-3 hours. But make sure your better half is being showered with love, all through the day. His favourite meal, a bouquet of roses, a hidden gift, a mushy text… there is just so much you could do. 3 first valentines after marriage

4. A Private Screening

Imagine having an entire movie hall to just the two of you. Go all out and book the entire theatre for a private screening of your favourite movie. Get food and drinks served to you both and cuddle him as you enjoy the movie. You could even have your wedding film screened!

5. A Long, Romantic Drive

There is something so romantic about a beautiful long drive with your hubby. Set out for a car journey with no particular destination in mind. Carry some knick-knacks and see where the road takes you! 5 first valentines after marriage

6. Play Out That Fantasy!

Valentine’s Day seems like the perfect one to play out your sexual fantasies. Be it role playing as a sexy nurse and the naughty patient or putting those handcuffs to use… today you’ve got to let go of all those inhibitions. Put on your sexiest lingerie and make it a night to remember.

7. A Song That Says It All

Do you both have 'a song’? One that is truly special to the both of you? A song to which you both had your first dance or a song with lyrics that just describe your emotions perfectly? Dedicate the song to your hubby on FM. Or, perform it yourself at your special dinner date. He’ll be floored! 7 first valentines after marriage

8. A Dinner For Two

We were thinking, instead of making a reservation at a fancy restaurant, how about doing up your home for a truly personal feel? Dim those lights, play some soft music, light up those candles, put on a sexy black dress, pop a bubbly and enjoy a wonderful meal. Nothing beats a romantic stay-in. Follow it up with a lazy hot water bath and for desserts, maybe you could just have each other!

9. Old School Romance

What could be more romantic than exchanging love letters on V-day. Leave it by your partner's bedside along with a red rose and bring back that old school romance in your relationship. Writing each other love letters could even become your yearly V-day ritual. You can also put together a little scrapbook with all your pictures and little notes under them.
9 first valentines after marriage

10. The Race To The Gift!

You’ve both bought gifts for each other but you can make the process of giving it to your partner fun and romantic. Hide the gift somewhere in the house and hand them clues to help find the gift. Each clue could be something about you that the partner has to guess. Every right guess calls for the second clue and with every wrong guess hand a red card with cute punishments. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

11. The Box Of Love

One the most adorable valentine day ideas for husband is to create a box of love. This box can contain all his favourite stuff, be it his favourite video game, watch or anything else. If you want to make it romantic then you can go for the pictures of all the memories you guys have made together. The amazing part about this box of love is that you can put a hydrogen gas balloon and when he will open the box the balloons will pop out.

12. Change The Roles Or Role Play

On Valentine's day interchange the roles between you two, you do what he has always done for you and tell him to do the things that you have done for him. This way you will be able to spend your Valentine’s day in a very special way and it will be altogether a unique feeling.

13. Go For A Bike Ride

Valentine-Ideas-With-Husband The first year of marriage is too busy for every couple, in between all those family functions and dinners you don’t get the chance to give each other time that you used to give before. So, go back to the time when you were girlfriend and boyfriend. Go for a bike ride and visit the places you have been to when you were not married.

14. Take Netflix And Chill To A New Level

One of the most romantic valentine day ideas for husband is to take that Netflix and chill session to another level. Spice things up, put on his favourite Netflix series, DIY and make your bed a canopy bed, put some dim lights on the canopy, lit the aroma candles and sip in some chilled beer. All this is what we dream of doing, but at least on your 1st valentine's day after marriage, you both can spare time to just chill together.

15. Leave Love Notes Around And Makes It A Treasure Hunt

A treasure hunt with all those lovie dovie notes is so romantic. This idea is very engaging and would surely make your husband all happy. You can place gifts with each note and on each note, you can write sweet lines that will redirect him to his next gift. So, these were the 15 *Adorable* First Valentine Day Ideas For Husband. Now, be ready to impress your husband at the first Valentine after wedding.
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