11 Tips To Be The ‘Sex Goddess’ Of His Dreams!

11 Tips To Be The ‘Sex Goddess’ Of His Dreams!

Want to be the best he has ever had? Well, every girl wants her man to feel that she is a goddess in bed. Perhaps all you’re thinking right now is how to be sex goddess? Having a good sex life is one of the most important factors of a healthy relationship. So here’s a useful list that will give him the most unforgettable sex of his life! Time to woo him in ways he was never wooed before and be the sex goddess he dreams of!

Please Him Sex Goddess: Let Your Man Feel He’s The Luckiest Guy 

Know what to do when your guy is all in the mood of - ‘please me baby’. Make the memory of your last sex linger in his mind so that he wants more of you!

1. Stock up on some sexy lingerie

Yes! Your lingerie leaves an impact! Also, most guys will agree - they love all things pretty. Stock up on those lacy bras and surprise him with the best one after a romantic night out. What’s better? Ask him what he prefers and wear it to surprise him. He’ll love that!

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2. Don’t rush the foreplay

Read this slowly and carefully - foreplay is very important. The main point is to enjoy the beginning in order to have a kickass climax! So go slow sex goddess and enjoy every minute of the teasing, cuddling and touching.

3. Talk dirty!

It is an instant mood lifter. A lot of girls may not be very comfortable with it, but it’s a major hit with the men. Tell him what you want him to do to you and talk about all your dirty secrets. Tell him where you would like to be touched and bask in the moment…*Wink*

sex goddess 3

4. Play a slow, sexy number and dance for him

Guys love to see their girl dance, especially when it’s FOR him. Put on a sensuous song and try some sultry moves. Follow it up by giving him a lap dance and slowly caressing his body with yours.

5. Role play is the way to go!

Men have secret fantasies and it’s time you be a part of *every* fantasy he’s ever had. Dress up as a supergirl with just the cape or dress up as a character that you know he loves. The more you use your imagination, the wilder things get!

sex goddess 5

6. Do it somewhere other than the bed!

Guys love it when girls come up with things that are completely out of the box! Especially when the out of the box is actually out of the bed! Drop a subtle hint that you’re willing to have sex in a public place - a pool of a hotel in the middle of the night or the changing room of a club. It’ll be an experience he will never forget!

7. Master the art of sexting

Don’t limit yourself to cheesy text messages. Take a minute go to the washroom and send him a sexy picture of yourself. Something that’ll make him want to see you as soon as possible. It’s always fun to see a little preview before the entire movie, isn’t it?

sex goddess 7

8. Initiate oral sex

You know what never fails? A long round of oral sex! And it’s even better when you initiate it. Go down on him when he is least expecting it. Trust us, this is one thing he’ll really LOVE!

9. Don’t be afraid to try new positions

Say goodbye to your monotonous sex routine by trying out a different position every single time. Before a date night, do some research and bring in a new element of excitement to your sex life

sex goddess 9

10. Replicate a sexy movie scene

Put on the first sexy movie that comes to your mind and replicate the hottest scene from it. Nothing will turn you both on more than knowing you can do something better than how they show it in the movies!

11. Experiment with sex toys

No matter how sexually compatible you are, you still need to add a hint of excitement, right? Use a few sex toys to amp up the fun. You can also use chocolate sauce or whipped cream to add to the fun. Because it only gets better from there!

sex goddess 11

12. Let The Massage Do its Magic

A massage is not just to relax yourself in a spa. You can start by giving your partner a sexy massage. Touch him sensuously so that he feels and enjoys your touch. Use an oil with a pleasant and arousing fragrance to increase the impact. 

13. Wear Layers & Please Him With A Striptease

giphy %2816%29

Let your partner sit down and watch how you remove the layers of clothes one by one. You can make the striptease completely enticing and arousing with your sexy moves and he will thank you in return by giving a lot of love under the sheets! 

14. Start With Blindfolding Him

When your man won’t be able to see anything being blindfolded, he will be more alert and focused to your touch. Touch him slowly and passionately. Kiss him on random parts of his body. The anticipation of the next touch and kiss will increase the intensity to a whole new level. Let him remove the blindfold on his own!

15. Never Lose The Eye Contact

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Guys find it sexy when their girl makes eye contact in bed. So stop being the shy girl and directly look into his eyes while you touch, while you kiss and while you move…

So now you know what it takes to be the sex goddess!  

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