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10 Sweet Ways To Avoid Those Pre-Wedding Fights With Him!

10 Sweet Ways To Avoid Those Pre-Wedding Fights With Him!
The period from the time your wedding date gets fixed till the time you actually get married, is a roller coaster ride. There are too many things happening around the bride and the groom and most of the times they end up either fighting with each other or with their friends and family due to all the stress and chaos. To make things easier for you, we have a few ways every bride can avoid pre wedding fights and make this phase the most beautiful and stress-free one ever.

1. Take out time for just the two of you

During the wedding planning madness, you and your fiancé might forget to spend time with each other. Put away all the wedding stress and planning for some time and make sure you both take out time for each other and discuss things other than the wedding. 1 pre wedding fights

2. Hear each other out

You both will have suggestions and ideas for each other for the wedding. Rather than getting irritated and impatient, it is better you both hear each other’s point of view and understand one another.

3. Avoid the blame game

If you are angry about one of his family members not behaving properly, it is advisable that you check on the way you tell him the same. Rather than blaming him by saying, ‘Your family is behaving in a ridiculous way,’ tell him politely about what happened and how you are feeling about it. 3 pre wedding fights

4. Be open with each other

The wedding planning phase is temporary but your relationship is permanent. Express yourself openly to each other and be honest about everything that you have in mind.

5. Don’t jump to conclusions about him

If he is not in the mood to discuss the wedding, don’t get after him and come to a conclusion that he isn’t interested. It might be that he wants to talk about other things at that point of time.
5 pre wedding fights

6. Respect each other’s family

Families play an important role during the wedding planning and respecting one another’s family will only make your bond stronger. You might not like the colour of the saree chosen by your MIL for you, but instead of telling your fiance that and perhaps hurting his feelings, respect the fact that your MIL went out of her way to get you a gift. This attitude will go a long way, ladies.

7. Avoid bridezilla behaviour

Please keep your bridezilla moments restricted to your friends and family because he too might be having his ‘groomzilla’ moments! And that combination ain’t going to work for the two of you, we promise. 7 pre wedding fights

8. No comparing, please

Stop comparing your partner and the way he is handling the wedding phase and stress with your other friends and family who have also been through the same phase. Understand that every person is different and has his/ her own way of dealing with stress. Comparison will only lead to you disappointing him.

9. Don’t make everything a big deal

If you need to discuss the colour of your lehenga and he isn’t able to answer your call at that moment, leave a message for him to call you back rather than dragging the issue and making it a big deal. We get that you’re a tad too sensitive at this point, but you just have to get a grip on yourself, we say.
9 pre wedding fights

10. Keep in mind that this time is never coming back

This phase of your relationship will never come back. Make the most of this transition period from being an engaged couple to husband and wife. Live, love and laugh together! GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr