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Wedding Night Secrets Out: Here's what couples really do!

Shivani Shrivastava

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Weddings are a once-in-a-lifetime event and mean the world to the two people who come together in this union. However, some fun things are also an important part of this day, like the wedding night for the new couple! Here are some naughty (and nice!) ques for romance on wedding night that couples have done on their marriage night!

Ever wondered how Indian newlyweds spend their first night? We are sure you have! We found this thread on Quora where people are revealing about romance on wedding night and you gotta read it all.

1. ‘After hours of passionate love making… we hugged each other passionately before slipping to deeply relaxing sleep.’ - How exciting!

Gnithi Kunje answers on Quora:

Our suite was beautifully decorated, with a sensuous light aroma, roses and rajnigandha petals all around, making for a beautiful floral decoration.

 I spent half an hour relieving myself of the hairpins, bangles, jewelry, makeup and the kilos of saree I was wrapped in. But those minutes were like tiny obstacles on the path to glorious heaven. After a quick shower, I returned to dressing table. Then I noticed that my husband had a cute little gift wrapped box tagged, "To My Cutest Little Princess Pie Gnitty!". When I unboxed it, I was thrilled to find a sexy fuller fit backless threaded Chemise dress, with the matching g-string. He had apparently purchased it on his way to India. It got my pulse racing, I wasted no time spritzed on the patchouli night perfume and approached him on the marriage night. 

After hours of passionate love making and sexual interplay, each of increasing ecstasy, we hugged each other passionately before slipping to deeply relaxing wedding night sleep.
 1 first night

2. ‘We sat on the bed. I smiled at her and she at me.’ - Aww!

Anonymous answers on Quora: After dinner we entered the bedroom together. It was decorated with flowers and milk and fruits were also kept. Usually we used to be so talkative that there won't be a silent moment between us but that night both of us were tongue tied. We sat on the bed. I smiled at her and she at me. I put my arms around her, she leaned on me and I pulled her close to me. We were back to what we always were - started chit chatting and then she reminded me, we are supposed to drink the milk. We shared it, lied down into each other's arms and kept talking and feeding fruits to each other playfully. This went on for sometime and I don't know when we slept off. 

3. ‘The same thing we do every night, try to take over the world.’ - That’s really sweet.

Shaunak De answers on Quora: On my first night, my wife to be asked me: "What do you want to do tonight". I replied - "The same thing we do every night, try to take over the world". 3 first night

4. ‘It was exactly the way I’d imagined it would be.’ - You’re so lucky!

Anonymous answers on Quora: I had this very dreamy idea of THE first night and so wanted to have it in a hotel, rather than his place. So, he made sure of the booking. 

We entered, and the room looked heavenly; with the perfect lighting, flowers, bed, aroma and everything. It was just the two of us, in our wedding dresses. We looked at each other and just hugged for like 10 minutes, embracing the moment.  I jokingly said, “Is this what we’re going to do all night, Mr. David?”. He chuckled and let me go with a kiss on my forehead. I smiled and asked him to unzip my dress. We had been alone before, so this wasn’t embarrassing. Oh, and we hadn’t done the deed before, so that was kinda new to the both of us. 

We started our wedding night of passion and did it again in the morning before we left for home. It was exactly the way I’d imagined it would be.

5. ‘We slept without really doing anything on our first night.’ - And that’s absolutely okay.

Anonymous answers on Quora: Anonymous answers on Quora: Honestly at that hour of night or morning I just wanted to throw away my heavy lehenga and wear something light and doze off to sleep. Even my husband was uncomfortable in his sherwani. I started removing my jewelry and it was the first time I felt his touch. He simply came near me and started helping me remove my dupatta which was all clipped up. We both struggled but finally we were able to take the dupatta and then I went inside and changed into a light saree. We slept without really doing anything on our first night.  5 first night

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Published on Feb 25, 2017
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