Sunday Shorts: 3 HOT Tales Of Making Out On The First Date! | POPxo

Sunday Shorts: 3 HOT Tales Of Making Out On The First Date!

Sunday Shorts: 3 HOT Tales Of Making Out On The First Date!

1. Under a thousand stars

Even after three years, this date tops my chart of first dates. It was a nice candlelight dinner, followed by a long drive in the cold winter night - peppered with amazing conversations. We ended up parking at a lonely field of sorts, where I sat on the hood of his car while he told me about the last time he saw the most beautifully starlit sky. He told me how phenomenal the sight was, then he turned to me and added, ‘Tonight is just a little bit better!’ and planted a kiss on my lips. Before he could move away, I wrapped my hands around his head and pulled him closer. Within seconds, our first kiss turned into a steamy making out session. It didn’t matter that we were on the hood of his car, his hands pulled my waist closer and my tongue swiftly entered the unfamiliar yet cozy territory of his mouth. As we lay next to each other, after what seemed like ages, I looked at him and realised he was the most beautiful sight I had ever seen.
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2. Online to Offline

It was a Tinder date, initiated by yours truly, when he had merely hinted that he’ll be in the same city as me for an interview. Albeit awkward, he looked even cuter in person, a lanky frame of 6’ 4”, sporting a well-groomed stubble and formals. What’s not to like? It was the middle of the afternoon and we both already had had our lunch, so we headed for a local pub straight away (as one does). Initially, the discomfort was palpable, we both sat on opposite sides of the table and paid for our drinks. But later, when we were walking over to another bar, he held my cold hand and put it in his jacket’s pocket. I was immediately overwhelmed by this action, but being an introvert, I did nothing to express myself. At the next place, there was live music and we sat very close to each other, liquid courage taking precedence over common sense. I was fidgeting with the sleeves of his shirt and before I knew it, I was kissing him too! My hands caressing his soft beard, our faces tilted perfectly to keep our noses from ramming into each other. Close to midnight, I had to drop him to the metro station. On our way, we kept kissing, all too furiously, unfazed by the attention we might be drawing to ourselves. I stood on my tippy-toes as our lips met one last time, before we parted ways.  
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3. I See You…

We were strangers who swiped right on a dating app. We fixed a date to meet up at a nearby bar. Judging by his extremely attractive display picture, I assumed he'd obviously be gifted with wit and personality. Quite the opposite happened in reality. He was very reserved in person and a man of few words. What caught my attention was his deep brown eyes. I couldn't stop staring into them. It was like our eyes were having a secret conversation. For the first time, I found solace in someone’s silence. While dropping me to my place, I couldn't resist the urge to kiss him. Looking straight into those gorgeous eyes, I went for it. My lips on his and his rough stubble on my neck. I invited him home later that night. We've been going on more dates ever since. 3 making out Images: Shutterstock, Giphy