What Happened When He Asked Me For A *Nude* Selfie… | POPxo

What Happened When He Asked Me For A *Nude* Selfie…

What Happened When He Asked Me For A *Nude* Selfie…
I started dating Deeraj seven months ago. We met through a popular dating app and eventually exchanged numbers. It led to texting, talking on the phone and later, meeting up in person. The first few dates were really awkward. To be honest, there’s a different thrill when you’re talking to a stranger and when you’re meeting them for the first time. Our first date was at a tiny french cafe in Bandra. The seating area was kind of cramped, but neither of us seemed to mind because the crepes were yum and the ambience was charming.
Over the next few dates, we grew a lot closer. Non-stop texting, and hearing his voice every morning had become an addiction. In the span of 7 months, I think I crashed at his place 5-6 times. He stayed in a rented apartment in Mumbai which coincidently happened to be really close to my place.   Waking up in his arms those mornings felt like a dream. Snuggling under the blanket and having our share of fun in the bedroom felt so surreal. Later that month, my office took us for an offsite to Goa. I promised Deeraj I’d keep in touch, but poor signal and having my colleagues constantly around kept me distracted. The only free time I got was at night. I called him up and he sounded furious. He claimed to be worried and what not, but his aggression really annoyed me. Without saying another word, I cut the call. After an hour or so, he called up and apologized. He told me that he missed me and really wanted to see me soon. Internal nude pictures
I had grown to really like him, so I instantly forgave him. We spoke till early dawn and just when I about to call it a night, he started sexting me. I had to give it to him, the guy was great at convincing and a pro at putting his thoughts into words. So, of course, I started sexting back. My colleagues were fast asleep and things were getting really hot between Deeraj and me. In the middle of the conversation, he asked me to send him a nude picture. For a second, I was taken aback. But, since we’ve been sleeping together for a while, I didn't think sending him one would harm anyone. I locked myself in the bathroom, removed my pajamas, threw my top aside and unhooked my bra. I left my hair open, put on my selfie camera and posed. My heart skipped a beat when I went to hit send on Whatsapp... And I still don't know how this happened, but my phone’s battery died just before I could send it. By the time I found my charger and turned on my phone, the spark had already died. I texted him soon after, but I assumed he had gone to sleep.
The next morning, I didn’t receive a text from him. In fact, I didn’t hear from him all day and for my entire trip. The wait made me anxious. I cried myself to sleep and finally mustered the courage to talk to one of my colleagues about this. She told me that he could have been using me and luck was on my side when that picture didn’t get sent. He could have done anything with that picture. Perhaps, even blackmailed me with it! When I got back to Mumbai, I got to know from a mutual friend that he was in a relationship with someone else. I later found out something even worse from one his own friends... He told me that when they have their boys night out, Dheeraj used to show the guys all the nude pictures from various women he’s been with in the past. I was so shocked and disgusted after hearing this, I immediately thanked my stars that I didn’t send him a picture. I didn’t want an explanation from this insensitive guy anymore. I didn't need closure. I just wanted out. I blocked him on all platforms and started afresh. Sometimes, when something bad happens, it’s probably for the best. Just like Deeraj, there are many people out there who don’t mean well. I was fortunate, but I also realize that many girls do fall victim to such manipulative scams. We just have to be strong and trust our instincts.
*Names changed to protect privacy Images: Shutterstock