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10 Fashion Secrets That’ll Make It Hard For *Him* To Look Away!

10 Fashion Secrets That’ll Make It Hard For *Him* To Look Away!
It’s no secret that we put in SO much effort when it comes to dressing up for a party or even for college. It’s true that we do really dress up for ourselves most of the time, but sometimes the reason we put in so much time and effort is because we want that special someone to notice, right? If you’re looking for some fabulous tips to get his attention, look no where else! Here are 10 fashion secrets to make heads turn in your favour. Read on to make him go wow! *Wink*   

1. Highlight the most beautiful part of your body

1 fashion secrets to make heads turn Just like all of us have different problem areas, we also have that one part of our body we’re confident about. The aim is to draw attention to the areas you love! It could be your legs, your arms or your waist. Wear a peplum top, an empire line dress or a crop top to flaunt your waist, a skater dress to show off your legs or a gorgeous sleeveless top that draws all the attention to your toned arms!

2. Less is not always more

Yes it’s true that men love to see women in short dresses, but how revealing should your dress be to get ALL his attention? Don’t opt for a dress that is too short and leads to a lot of stomach show. Focus on showing either your upper body or the lower body...not both. Coz’ showing a lot of skin can be a little in your face and might not look sexy or classy.

3. Show off a bit of that *gorgeous* bra!

3 fashion secrets to make heads turn If you’re spending a bomb on a stylish bra or bralette, why not show it off a little? A top with a deep neckline or a dress with an interesting back can easily be used to show off your cute and colourful bras without looking scandalous. Here are a few ways to show off your bra without making it too obvious. This trick will definitely leave him craving for more!    

4. Dress like yourself!

Everybody has a unique personal style and there’s no better way than using clothes to show it off! Don’t ape trends blindly just because everybody else is. What may look good on someone may not necessarily suit you. Be yourself and dress according to YOUR personality ‘coz everybody else is taken!

5. Add a splash of RED!

5 fashion secrets to make heads turn We already told you about the fashion items that make you look more attractive, and guess what, guys LOVE seeing girls in red! There’s just something sexy about the colour. Be it a red bag, bold red lips or a sexy red dress! Ditch the basic black dress that every other girl in the room will be wearing and choose red instead!  

6. Accentuate your bust

Now that’s a no brainer. We might never understand the fascination men have with boobs. But we do know that wearing a push up bra can accentuate your bust and that will surely make him stop and stare for a while! Wear a push up bra with tops and dresses that have a slightly deep neckline for a sexy yet not a scandalous cleavage. You can also try tops and dresses that have a sweetheart neckline to add an oomph factor!  

7. Wear heels!

7 fashion secrets to make heads turn Whether it's the sound of heels or the fact that heels are a surefire way to fake extra inches, it's impossible to ignore a woman who walks into the room wearing them! You can take any outfit from drab to fab in seconds by just teaming it up with a pair of classy stilettos or stylish pumps. Plus, they will make your legs look better than ever!

8. Accessorize like a boss

It’s ALL in the details, ladies! Whether it’s a dainty necklace or a chunky one, it’ll add a glamorous touch to your look. You can wear unique accessories and make a statement without looking OTT. How about choosing an accessory that suits your personality? Like a unicorn bag because you love unicorns or a bright coloured jacket because you love all things colourful!  

9. Dress for the occasion

9 fashion secrets to make heads turn Even the most casual and impromptu plans have a dress code of sorts. Always keep in mind the place you’re going to, it’s ambience, the level of formality of the occasion and the number of people who’ll be present there. Just because you want to stand out from the crowd, don’t go overboard dressing up. Do a little background research and then decide what the right thing to wear would be.  

10. Don’t forget to smile!

Last but not the least, don’t forget to wear the most important accessory of all - a smile! You could be wearing the most gorgeous clothes but if you walk into the room looking dull and sad, nobody’s going to notice. Smile, be confident of how you look and who you are, and we’re sure you’re going to make all the heads turn! Images: Shutterstock