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12 *Adorable* First Wedding Anniversary Gifts… He Will LOVE!

12 *Adorable* First Wedding Anniversary Gifts… He Will LOVE!

The first wedding anniversary is super special, isn’t it? And that calls for you to get your hubby dearest the most amazing anniversary gift ever! Before this stresses you out, we’re here to help, ladies. Whether your husband is a music lover or one who loves his wine - we’ve got you a variety of options in this list of 12 amazing wedding anniversary gifts. He’s going to LOVE these!

1. For The Man Who Likes His Music

1 wedding anniversary gifts Check out these awesome speakers! Not only do they have amazing sound quality but they're portable too! Price: Rs 1,990. Buy it here.

2. For The Man Who Knows A Picture Is Worth A 1000 Words

2 wedding anniversary gifts This plaque is absolutely adorable and will have your man blushing a bit! Price: Rs 599. Buy it here.

3. For The Man Who Likes To Be Well Groomed At All Times

3 wedding anniversary gifts Why not get the husband a cool home grooming kit?! Works well for you too, if that body fuzz is clean at all times. *Wink* Price: Rs 2,266 (approx). Buy it here.

4. For The Man Who Has An Awesome DVD Collection!

4 wedding anniversary gifts If he has his collection that’s huge and awesome, but unmanageable - why not get him a storage unit for them?! Price: Rs 8,584. Buy it here.

5. For The Man Who Loves To Accessorize

5 wedding anniversary gifts His suit game could get stronger with some cufflinks. How about these super stylish ones?! Price: Rs 3,357 (approx). Buy it here.

6. For The Man Who Likes His Wine

6 wedding anniversary gifts Personalise a bottle of wine with the date of your anniversary and use it as a keepsake or open it on the night itself! Preserve that bottle, ladies.
Price: Rs 549. Buy it here.

7. For The Man Who Likes To Travel

7 wedding anniversary gifts See if you can both escape for a weekend getaway to a nearby location! It’ll be so romantic and a replay of that amazing honeymoon, perhaps? Find a deal here.

8. For The Man Who Is Not A Wallet Person

8 wedding anniversary gifts Wallets can sometimes get bulky - card holders are sleek and practical, and they look cool too! Price: Rs 499. Buy it here.

9. For The Man Who Is A Tad Bit Sentimental

9 wedding anniversary gifts Frame a photo of the two of you to keep in your home! Awww! Price: Rs 999. Buy it here.

10. For The Man Who Has His Fashion Sense Intact

10 wedding anniversary gifts Get him a cool work bag - it'll come in so handy and he'll really like it! It’ll be one thing you give them that he’ll have with him every single day. Price: Rs 1,679. Buy it here.

11. For The Man Who Likes His Things Neat And Tidy

11 wedding anniversary gifts How awesome is this little desk organiser?! It will help him clear up his desk and keep things tidy!
Price: Rs 695. Buy it here.

12. For The Man Who Is Oh-So-Romantic

12 wedding anniversary gifts This is the coolest thing on the internet right now - you can personalise a book and turn it into your love story! Now that’s a kind literature he’d be interested in, right? Find the details here. With these amazing gifts, you’re sure to make your first anniversary all the more special!
Published on Feb 8, 2017
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